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22 Feb
By: CGK 0


The Kajiado County Government through The Ministry of Trade, Culture, Tourism and Wildlife wishes to invite the general public to a weights and measures exercise whose purpose is to assessing and where necessary, stamp, such weights, measures and measuring instruments within the Township/Trading centre of Kajiado and a radius of twenty kilometers.

The exercise will be conducted on 25th February 2019 to 1st March 2019 at Kajiado Town. All charges in respect to the said assessing and stamping will be subject to the Weights and Measures rules.

Members of public are duly advised that every weight, measure, weighing and measuring instruments used by way of trade (including sales with the weights belonging thereto scale beams spring balances, steel yard, weighing machines and other instruments for weights and measuring) must be verified and stamped annually by the inspector with a stamp of verification under the weights and measures Act (Cap. 513)