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10 Feb
By: CGK 0


Kajiado county governor has denied public hospitals in the county are experiencing drugs and doctors shortage leaving patients suffering in hospitals.

Contrary to kajiado assembly health committee observation saying most county hospitals are wanting, county boss maintain his government is on top of the situation.

In a wake of cholera outbreak in several parts in the county, the assembly health committees have been visiting public hospitals in the last one week assessing service delivery.

At kitengela sub county hospital the eight members committee were met by long lines of     patients waiting.

In wards the patients claimed to be poorly attended.

Most admitted patients expressed their concern on service delivery.

They claimed there few doctors who attend to them making some miss drugs.

‘’doctors are few to attend us and sometime we are told to buy drugs from nearby private chemists making as to suffer as we wallow in poverty’’ said Nancy Njoki

Admitted patient’s claim the hygiene has been wanting and food to patients too little making them to suffer.

‘’The service we get are delayed and the hospital hygiene ought to be improved ‘said Martha muba,a patients

Patients have no mosquito nets.

The committee vice chair Daniel Kanchori says essential services are poor in the hospital faulting it management and county government. He calls for speedy action to rescue the situation.

‘’the county government has to improve the service delivery and ease the suffering of patients who can’t afford private hospital’’ said MCA Daniel kanchori

The same sentiments were echoed by committee members in a wake when the county is struggling with outbreak of cholera in most parts of the county.


However Kajiado governor in a rejoinder dismiss the health committee observation saying his government have enough drugs and has employed enough doctors in the last one month.

“ lets us not play politics with our peoples health, we have enough drugs in our store and a steady supply of the same to ensure Kajiado residents get necessary medical attention’’ said Nkedianye

Nkedianye says his government has allocated ksh1.4B to health sector this financial year and have already employed 160 extra doctors two months ago.


He say congestion of patients is as a result of improved services in public hospitals.


“People are now seeking medical services in public hospital unlike before and that is a positive achievement’’ retorted Nkedianye


Nkedianye says his team is working around the clock to ensure better medical services to all in the entire county.