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07 Apr
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H.E Dr.Nkedianye with other leaders at the maji award

As the drought continue to hit many parts of Kajiado county many residents feel the need to manage rain water in the near citing the current water shortage to poor management methods.

During the Kajiado Maji awards at shed hotel Kajiado north, among the many problems highlighted during the participants was about water sensitization in the county.

The ministry of water led by the CECM Jeremiah Nairowua and chief officer Florence Waiganjo said sensitization among the residents will help minimize wastage of the precious commodity. Most residents in the region are struggling to get water and sometimes they are forced to travel for long distance with their animals but the ministry will now train them on how harvest water.

Kajiado governor Dr David Nkedianye said his government has tried a lot to improve the water availability to the residents. “We have used over 659 million on water projects; we have built over 80 boreholes and rehabilitated 47 because our people have been suffering. We need big dams like the one in Kiserian  to be built in Kitengela, Loodokilani, Ewaso, Kajiado South and may parts of the county but it’s a challenge because it takes a lot of money but in few years to come we will be able built them.” Said Nkedianye

The county minister in charge of water Jeremiah Nairowua added that as a ministry they plan to introduce water management boards to water providers in the county.“ There are plan to elect a water management board in all sub counties because there has been a lot of mismanagement in water companies and a lot  fund embezzlement  in this companies. We want also committees to be responsible and use the money collected well.” Said Nairowua

The chief officer Florence Waiganjo thanked the stakeholders for the support to ensure Kajiado residents get enough water.

maasai women quench their thirst in ewaso primary school in Ewaso