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21 Mar
By: CGK 0


Hon Richard Parsitau the CECMincharge of  ICT, Gender and Social Services with other stakeholders

Hon Richard Parsitau the CECM incharge of ICT, Gender and Social Services with other stakeholders where they agreed to FGM in the county.

CECM ICT, Gender and Social Services Hon Parsitau, spearheaded a meeting at Tumaini Gardens with different stake holders to come up with a policy or a law against FGM in the county. Those present were ANTI FGM Stakeholders, KACCSNET, County MCA’S, Gender and social services officers. Speaking during the gathering after assembling the MCA’S to buy the idea of how fight FGM in Kajiado, and how to interrogate the law, to come up with a mechanism especially regulation or policy which suits kajiado county. they agreed to come up with an anti FGM roadmap, that will begin on 23rd march with the departments and stakeholders peeping in the law. The CECM referred FGM as a brutal activity whereby the rating given by National bureau of statistic (74%) was not accurate according the minister since FGM is highly practiced in the county. According to Hon. Parsitau pre Urban and rural areas in kajiado FGM is highly practiced.

Deputy county commissioner Samini Magogo also promised to work together with all stakeholders to stop FGM in the county since it had contributed to school dropouts. Magogo also condemned the Act saying it is so merciless and people must stop the Act.

Agreeing to Agnes Leina Anti FGM Board Director “if you make a cultural practice criminal is not possible, you can’t criminalize culture and it is hard to come up with laws against culture.”

According to her there is a national law, but what about county law that can end FGM. Something that the community can own or  be passed by the county Assembly and then to be subjected to the public scrutiny as the only way to end FGM.

MCA’S Benjamin Lemayian from Entonet Lenkisim ward applauded the idea saying that they will fully work hand in hand with other stakeholders the FGM board to make sure that they will come up with laws or regulations that will oversee the young girls protected from the Act of FGM.Lemayian agreeing with the Act as inhuman act and enumerated that girls have being going through a lot of challenges and trauma especially when the act is being done.