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04 Jun
By: CGK 0


Expansion of the road network and opening up of highly populous estates in Kajiado North forms one of the items in Governor Lenku’s administration’s Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) programme.

To respond to the need for easy access of our shopping centres, H.E the Governor today launched the tarmacking of three roads in Kajiado North.

In Ongata Rongai, we are tarmacking the Cleanshelf ~ AIC~Saitoti Hospital~Nakeel ~Primary School Road; In Oloolua Ward, we are tarmacking the Juanco~ Ole Polos road while in Kiserian town, we are tarmacking the ring road around the new market which is under construction.

During the tour H.E the Governor assured Kajiado North residents that his list of priorities as promised is being addressed and soon the fruits of his commitment to change the landscape of this Sub County will be there for all to see.

Kiserian Market will soon be completed and host about 1,500 traders. H.E the Governor also launched the construction of a tarmac road around the market to make trading activities easier and attractive to motorists.

The market will be ready for occupation by August this year.