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03 Sep
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H.e The Governor with members of the taskforce  at cultural resort where they presentd the SGR eport.

H.E The Governor with members of the task force at cultural resort where they presented the SGR  report.

The Taskforce on the standard gauge railway presented their final report to the governor at cultural resort in Kajiado.

The taskforce was appointed following a County Executive Committee Cabinet Resolution under the Cabinet vide min No. CEC – MIN 167/10/2014 dated 30th October 2014 and launched on 21 November were mandated to receive views from the target community and suggest points of actions to the county secretary on matters affecting households.

The taskforce chaired by Peter Meeli collected views and data during the tour to the proposed line, conducted civil education on the land owners and holding Barraza’s to listen to the local community grievances during the findings.

It brought the following findings as read by secretary Charity Saruni.

On compensation of private land, only few people have not been compensated due to family disputes, on public facilities the taskforce recommends that the county ministry of lands should follow up the issue on compensation of all public utilities

Kenya Railway Corporation decided to move SGR substation in Kajiado County from sultan Hamud to Emali without informing the county government.

On the welfare of casual workers, they suggested that KRC should ask the contractor to provide protective devices like ear plugs, aprons, gloves, gumboots etc. and a county representative to the recruit panel. 80% of casual workers should be from the local community.

On the boundary dispute between Makueni and Kajiado County, the taskforce obtain copies of letters from Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr. addressed to Emali centre residents association complaint.

Another letter from Isaack Hassan addressed to Mutula Kilonzo jr, on the location of the boundary between Kajiado and Makueni and attached the maps to support his claims to show the boundary between Kajiado east and Kibwezi west, emali township boundary and explained that residents of Emali town are represented by Makueni County.

The taskforce recommended that the National Land Commission should expedite compensation for the plots in Emali using the list provided to them by the County Government of Kajiado and that Kajiado County owns the plots in Masimba, Emali and sultan hamud.


Speaking during the presentation of the report, the governor said a lot need to done on the ground.

“There is lot that needs to be done on the ground and I will form a small team to be led by the County Secretary to follow up and ensure we reach the bottom of the report to its full implementation. We need another meeting with a clear description on who and what to be compensated,” Said Nkedianye.


He added that there is need for sensitizing the people on good living standards to avoid risky life of contracting HIV/AIDS.

“We need to educate this people to live a responsible life, put Constant emphasis on HIV /AIDS risks and ensure that they have a good living which is important. My government through the ministries of Roads, Land and trade shall set aside resources to sensitize the locals who benefitted from the project against indulging into risky lives that can lead to getting infected with HIV/AIDS” Noted the Governor.

Nkedianye further noted that every county will succeed to a certain degree on the SGR project even if not 100%

“Economically I know Kajiado and other counties will benefit a lot because there will be smooth flow of business from border countries” said Nkedienye.

The governor cautioned the Chinese and the SGR teams to adhere to all recommendations made in the report on issues of compensation, under passes, 80% of the Local employment

Thomas Kasaine a local said alot need to be done on the ground especially interms of compensation to those that the railway line will pass through.

“Our people need to get the right compensation and also educate them on how to spend this money they get from SGR” Said Thomas

Nicholas Raria a public health officer added that the county government should follow on some compensation like those of public schools.

“The county need to follow up on some public properties because we do not know the time frame the SGR will take to do the compensation. We need these things to benefit the community.

The taskforce felt there are many avenues for the people of Kajiado County to benefit from the project through county government involvement,participation and engage the KRC to establish strategic economic centers along the railway line for economic benefits.