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06 Dec
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Congratulations are in order for  both the County Executive Committee Members (CECM)and Chief Officers (C.O)took place today at the County Headquarters in Kajiado.

Five CECMs and twelve C.Os undertook oath of office in the presence of H.E the Governor, Residence magistrate Margaret Kasera, County Attorney Maurice Kaikai, County Executive staff and family members.

Speaking during the ceremony, speaker of the County Assembly Johnston Osoi congratulated the newly appointees for their appointment and assured them of support from the County Assembly urging them to work hard to their ability as per the mandate of the constitution.

H.E the Deputy Governor also while delivering his speech congratulated the newly CECMs and C.O,wishing them the best in their endeavors and also thanked the legislatures for their continued support to make the day successful.

On the Governors remarks He began by congratulating the newly in office for the oath of office and family for their support.

He further thanked the County Assembly for their continued support and for the two arms of government for coming together for the good of the people.

On land issues the Governor said the spatial plan for the land is to protect the people of Kajiado from cartels and that people should live and remain together despite their tribal differences and above all protect their rights.

The newly appointed County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) include;

  1. Florence Waiganjo- Water, Irrigation, Environment & Natural.
  2. Alais Kisota –Public Service, Administration & Citizen Participation
  3. Alvin Kimani – Youth, Sports, Gender & Social Services.
  4. Jackine Koin – Trade, Culture, Tourism & Wildlife.
  5. Samuel Seki – Education & Vocation Training.

The newly appointed Chief Officers (C.O) include;

  1. Douglas Leishanka Konana –Water & Irrigation.
  2. Eddah Mbui Naserian – Public Health & Sanitation.
  3. Jackson Shapara Matanda – ICT
  4. Samson Moloimet Parashina – Cooperative Development
  5. Benson Ntoyian Leyian – Governor Delivery Unit & Special Programmes.
  6. Jacob Sampeke – Medical Services.
  7. Francis Ngure Mbugua – Education & Vocational Training.
  8. Morris Kaaka Putita – County Treasury.
  9. James Sankale – Environment & Natural Resources.
  10. Moses Leteiyo Murunya – Lands, Physical Planning & Urban Development.
  11. Grace Saitoti Sereya – Trade, Tourism, Culture & Wildlife.
  12. Simon Kamakei – Youth & Sports.