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11 Aug
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National Land Commission Chairman Mohammed Swazuri, Lenny Kivuti chairman
of senate land committee, Kajiado county senator Mositet, Narok senator
Stephen Ntutu, Kajiado deputy governor Hon.Paul Ntiati, Area M.P Sakuda,
Kajiado county lands management board chairman Hamilton Parseina and other government officials assembled yesterday at Kajiado west sub-county, Mosiro ward to
look for a permanent solution to Mosiro Residents whose Land has been
grabbed for over 30 years.
Speaking in the meeting Swazuri said he will have a meeting on August 3,
2016 with the relevant authority following the names of the people
holding title deeds will be gazette. Assuring the residents that after the
investigation the land grabbing was found to be qualified as historical
injustices. He added that August 30, 2016 all allegations will be listened and
decision made. Swazuri promised the next step will be nullify of title deeds
and surveyors will take over. According to swazuri planning has already be
done and maps are ready. He added that those who own the title will also be given a
chance to present their case in Mosiro and tell how they acquired the
titles deeds.

Deputy Governor Hon.Paul Ntiati warned the leaders present in the meeting
that they must not take the issue lightly since the residents have been in
pain for long. Applauding to the unity of the national and county government
in joining hands to look for a permanent solution towards the problem that has
been a thorn to the residents of mosiro over the years.
Mositet urged the locals to value peace and give the relevant authority
chance to help them solve the problem. Assuring them that he have
confident with the jubilee government that the long time problem will come to

an end soon.
Area M.P Moses Sakuda said “We have not come here because of
2017 politics but because we want to save our land from grabbers and see
the people Mosiro living in peace.” He added that investigation shows that
subdivision of titles deed was done in Nkoile Kajiado Central in the
absence of the Mosiro owners.

Hamilton the county land management board commission chairman in Kajiado County urged parents to educate their children to avoid such problems in future.
The local residents are seeking cancellation of the entire title deeds
issue to 1040 exercise and injunctive reliefs against the culprits. They
are seeking disbanding all land title deeds stemming from the subdivision
of the lands.