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26 May
By: Kajiado County 0

SEMA! PIGA RIPOTI in Kajiado County

Did you know that you can lodge complaints on Discrimination and Hate

Speech, Corruption, Administrative Injustice and Human Rights

Violations all in one place?

Sema! Piga Ripoti has come to serve the residents of Kajiado County and its

environs better by bringing Government services closer to the people.

Sema! Piga Ripoti is a joint initiative of the National Cohesion and

Integration Commission (NCIC), Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission

(EACC), Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR),

Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ), National Anti Corruption

Campaign Steering Committee (NACCSC) and Transparency

International-Kenya (TI-Kenya), whose main objective is to strengthen

partnerships between the state oversight institutions in the handling,

management and disposal of public complaints. This is facilitated through

one-stop complaints referral centres to address hate-speech and

discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race or religion, corruption, human

rights violations, maladministration and refer the same through an e-system.

The overall objective is to facilitate easy, efficient and effective access to the

partnering institutions’ services at devolved levels through joint public

complaints referral centres.

The Sema! Piga Ripoti team paid courtesy calls to the County Government of

Kajiado and the Kajiado County Commissioner’s office on 25 th May 2016. The

Sema! Piga Ripoti road show was in Kajiado town on 25 May and will be in

Kitengela, Kisaju, Isinya and Bissil through to Namanga on Thursday 26 th and

Friday 27th May 2016, giving public awareness on the initiative, the partnering

institutions and collecting public complaints.

The Sema! Piga Ripoti team will be at Al-huda Mosque on Friday 27th May,

SDA Kajiado on Saturday 28 May and at ACK Church, AIC Kajiado,

Redemption Gospel Church, Kenya Assemblies of God (KAG) and PEFA

Kajiado on Sunday 29 May 2016. We will also be at Kajiado, Bissil, Magadi

and Namanga markets on Wednesday 25, Thursday 26, Friday 27 and

Saturday 28 May 2016. Come and interact with us.

To lodge your complaint, visit the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission

or Commission on Administrative Justice desks at Kajiado Huduma

Centre at the General Post Office or NCIC desk at Machakos Huduma

Centre, Machakos Post Office building. You can also visit the NCIC desk

at Machakos Huduma Centre, Machakos Post Office building or the

EACC office at Kiamba Mall on Ngei Road, Machakos, all open from

Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. We will communicate to you within 10 days

of lodging your complaint.

Sema! Piga Ripoti is a partnership between the National Cohesion and

Integration Commission, Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Commission

on Administrative Justice, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights,

National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee, Transparency

International Kenya and the German Cooperation-GIZ.

Sema Piga Ripoti is in Kajiado, Wajir, Kakamega, Elgeyo Marakwet,

Mombasa and Meru Counties from 16 th to 29 th May 2016. Some of the activities

being implemented in the six Counties include courtesy calls to County

Governments, road shows, religious forums, public forums, youth and women

forums and information tents.