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17 Oct
By: CGK 0


H.E the Governor in the company of Isinya residents commissioning a borehole at Isinya town.

H.E the Governor, Joseph Ole Lenku  commissioned one of three boreholes that recently sunk in Isinya.
The borehole was funded by ENSDA while the other two; one by the county government and another by Belgian Government.
While commissioning the borehole and a fully functional public toilet with an office inside, the Governor was informed that Isinya never had water for the last 6 years. The reason being two boreholes that were serving the town dried up years ago.

The two ready boreholes will pump out 470 cubic meters of water a day, that’s water that can directly sustain 6,000 people plus water kiosks.
It should be noted that an adult population of Isinya is roughly 7000.

Since the swearing in of Governor Lenku, it’s less than 100 days and already residents are enjoying Noolturesh water and in Isinya residents have nick named it “Lenku’s pipeline”.

So far Noolturesh supplies 1,000 cubic metres of water per day to parts of the larger Isinya and they say the demand is approximately 2000 cubic metres and they plan to meet the demand soon. Noolturesh Water Company is a bulk supplier and H. E Lenku has requested them to supply free water to Isinya until the drought is over.

The governor was accompanied by the acting CECM water Florence Waiganjo.