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10 Feb
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The Deputy Governor Hon Paul Ntiati during the cattle auctioning held  in kajiado demonstration farm

The Deputy Governor Hon Paul Ntiati at the backgroung when he led cattle auctioning at kajiado demonstration farm

Pastoralists in Kajiado have been urged to adopt the skillfulness of grass preservation to help reduce the intense draught effects the community has faced in previous years.

According the County Department of Agriculture, Overgrazing is the major challenge leading to loss of grass, hence drought in the area. Traditions terming overgrazing as a sign of wealth have also been said to contribute to rearing of poor quality breeds.

Speaking at a cattle public auction held at the Kajiado Demonstration farm yesterday, Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati, urged the pastoralist to adopt the grass harvesting and preservation technic during this rainy season to enable them save for drier months ahead.

Ntiati also urged the pastoralist to adopt zero-grazing and on improving their breeds saying this type of grazing has less negative effect on land and are easy to manage. The Deputy added that the main reason for caring out the cattle auction is to enable the pastoralist to acquire better breeds for cross breeding.

The County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Agriculture and Livestock Mr. Jonah Orumoi said the cattle auctioned included 18 bulls and 3 cows, all at rates between Ksh 80,000 to Ksh120,000, all being a Parkistanian breed courtesy of the national government.

Mr. Orumoi also urged the pastoralist to have their animals vaccinated during this rainy period to protect them from major breakouts like bluetongue, foot and mouth among others.