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13 Aug
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One of the groups receives a dairy goat  during the presentation by ADEO.

One of the groups receives a dairy goat during the presentation by ADEO.

The County Government in collaboration with the Africa Development and emergency Organization(ADEO)through The’ Mother and Child Initiative has donated 32 dairy Goats to four Women Groups in Poke Village, Poka Location in Kajiado East Sub County.
Addressing hundreds of Poke residents yesterday , Africa Development and Emergency Program Manager Dr Atei Kerochi said that the initiative began in the year 2014 of which they first donated a total of 45 Goats in some parts of Kajiado central among them. Isajiloni, Piliwa, Esukuta, Majengo, Eluanata and Orkiloriti. He added that the main reason behind this initiative is to help those nursing mothers in the remote areas ‘’This program began last year and our main objective is to help our nursing mothers in the Villages to get milk for nutrition during such critical situations like this whereby during the dry season threir’s no milk at all. Now my word to them is that as you take this dairy Goats, please take care of them and make use of them. Again I would urge our nursing mothers to breast their babies at least for six months and even though it is not easy but it is a must in order to have a healthy Child “said Dr Atei.
Meanwhile on the other hand, County Government Livestock Officer Mr. Bernard Karanja said that The’ Mother and Child Initiative said that goat milk is good in nutrition and highly recommended for child consumption and therefore urged the area residents to make use of the animals they were given as well as to take good care of them.”Well as you receive this goats a lot of responsibility relies on you as the farmer, for it to provide enough milk, it will depend on you. am saying this because very soon some years to come, they will multiply and in numbers and am sure you will enjoy their products “He said.
About health farming among pastoralist, County Government Mother and Child Initiative Patron who is also the head of Community Health Services and Health promotion unit in the County Government, Mrs Anne Thitu ,said that The reason why The Ministry of Health, that of Agriculture as well as The Africa Development Emergency has partnered is to inform the Community on how to provide healthy farming and ensuring that the community members gain knowledge of good health skills.”We are here for the betterment of our Community, This shows that health is done comprehensively. So far we have visited this village severally and our objective is to ensure that our outreach target is achieved which is eradicating poverty. About The Mother and Child Initiative, it was officiated by His Excellency The Governor and his objective was to provide better ways of helping our nursing mother to be able to breast feed their babies. “Said Anne Thitu.