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20 Jul
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dr david nkedianye with senator peter mositet and parliamentary lands commitee chair alex muiru when they toured ngong veterinary land.

Dr David Nkedianye with senator Peter Mositet and Parliamentary Lands Commitee chair Alex Muiru when they toured Ngong Veterinary Land.

The National parliament select committee on lands has suspended development of two prime public parcels of land estimated to thousands of acres in Kajiado North and East. The vast lands are now said to have been grabbed by illegal developers.

The two lands in question including Ngong Veterinary land measuring 1,400 acres and Kitengela Sheep and goats land holding measuring approximately 10,000 acres will not be developed awaiting the parliamentary report.

The said two pieces of land have elicited a tug of war between the local Maasai community and individuals who have been subdividing the parts of the communal land, given out to government, into plots with mushrooming private projects which have been termed illegal.

Led by the National parliament land Committee chairman, Alex Muiru, the team have called on those who have encroached into the said lands to stop their activities immediately.

“We are here to tell those who might have been duped to buy the public land that it is important they stop any activity until their fate on the said public lands are determined,” said honourable Muiru. He termed the locals grievances genuine and overboard, calling for thorough investigations.

Kajiado county governor Dr. David Nkedianye say the land grabbing has been a thorny issue in the county vowing his administration shall not condone any land grabbing upon warning the grabbers.

“Land grabbers have taken the county by a storm to disinherit the natives their ancestral lands. Over the years the maa community has been subjected to historical injustice that the parliament select committee should be able to unearth the problem,” said Dr. Nkedianye.

The Ngong veterinary land was registered in 1959 and the community gave the land to the ministry of livestock, veterinary department for breeding of livestock and vet doctors training.

Locals claim the initial purpose was diverted and a section of the land has been hived off.

It’s alleged a private abattoir illegally acquired 12 acres,Police dog unit got 142 acres. Others include Meteorological Department, East African Sports Club anda five star hotel is coming up on the same piece of land. According to Ngong land registrar a dumping site was set aside in the area but it has since been grabbed.

Currently the veterinary department occupies only 941 acres according to available records.Keekonyokie maasai have thrown the caution demanding their land back.

Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda said the maa community has been oppressed and the government should come to aid of the community.


“We are saying enough is enough and the maa community shall not be subjected to intimidation to give up their ancestral land,” saysHonourableSakuda.

The same sentiments were echoed by Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje and MCAs who attended the Ngong meeting in solidarity with the locals.

Another tussle involve infamous sheep and goat land inKitengela in a similar incident the land was given out by maasaiKaputiei community for livestock breeding under Kenya meat commission but the project collapsed after years of operation. The land has been in the centre of conflict with land grabbers attempting their hand on it. The land was recently at the centre of cemetery scandal

After the community petition the parliament select committee on land, the committee visited the lands and collected view from locals. The committee’s chair Alex Muiru cited irregularities on allocation of the land pushing it to suspend all developments and the title deeds to be placed under caveat until the committee releases their report in the next 60 days.