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03 Jul
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The Deputy Governor Hon Paul Ntiati speaking in Iloodoariak during an Education function.

The Deputy Governor Hon Paul Ntiati speaking in Iloodoariak secondary school during an Education function.

County Deputy Governor Honourable Paul Ole Ntiati today has urged parents of Iloodariak to support the young people’s Education as the students are the leaders of tomorrow “Let us support the young people education because this students are leaders of tomorrow “said Honourable Ntiati
Meanwhile Parents are urged not to over rely on bursary funds and instead struggle with all means possible at least to ensure that they contribute something little if not all. Addressing both parents, teachers and students of Iloodariak Secondary school, School Principal Mr Sylvista Letoluoi,has revealed to the public that, “parents of Iloodariak Secondary School has attendance of bringing their children to school without fees in the claim they are waiting for the bursary think this is not fair,and i would like to urge them to realise the importance of Education and the sacrifice they ought to make in support of their children “said the School Principal.
Meanwhile on the other hand,PTA Chairman Mr Nankaris Ole Saidimu has as well urge parents to discipline their children as Maasai.”Maasai parents has attendance of not discipline their children after they are circumcised and that is why we get a number of students failing during examinations, they turn to be very ignorant, therefore leading to teachers not being able to help them: said Ole Saidimu.