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30 Jul
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,Governor  Nkedienye Addressing  Parents  and  Teacher  of  Elang'ata  Wuas  Primary  School.

Governor Nkedienye Addressing Parents and Teacher of Elang’ata Wuas Primary School, he urged them to shun early marriages of young girls.

County campaigns on early marriage intensify within Kajiado County as a big number of girls continue to drop out of school for early marriages.
In most primary schools in rural areas girls are few with only a few managing to sit for KCPE owing to early pregnancy forming a big number of minor mothers.
As early as 11 years these school girls have left school not only to be married but to be married as second, third to fourth wives.
Kajiado West sub county is the most affected considering the harsh condition and high poverty index level.
It’s estimated in each every family there is a minor married of at a tender age or impregnated at a tender age.
To arrest the alarming problem, kajiado county government in collaboration with local NGOs are moving in earnest to stop the vice.
The county government is spearheading anti early marriages campaigns through seminars, talks with role models and bursaries to a girl child and support to save houses all over the county. Parents are also being sensitized on dangers of early marriages.
Kajiado David Nkedianye urge girls to shun early marriages and focus on education saying his government is educated to ensure girls finish their studies for the county prosperity.
A week ago the county government of kajiado disbursed ksh 65M bursary to needy children in the county.