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CGK October 20, 2020


Our great people of Kajiado:

Enta supa


Mbuya more?

Uvoo wenyu?

Mbuya more?

Today, is yet another day that we gather to celebrate our gallant heroes and heroines whose sacrifice and spirit to serve humanity resulted in the freedom we enjoy today.

We congregate here as a County, and as a Country at large, at a time we are experiencing the ravages of COVID 19, a disease that knocked on our lives unannounced and threatened to alter our lifestyles in unimaginable proportions.

The sky is becoming clearer and we have set out on a journey to recover from the pain and anguish of this pandemic.

My Government, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, worked very hard to put up measures that continue to arrest the spread of Covid 19.

The numbers are, however, not yet fully managed. I strongly urge our people to continue observing the laid out health protocols as the disease is still with us.

We shall continue to monitor the situation and give the necessary advisories to members of the public.

Mabibi na mabwana !

As Kenyans, we are known for our resilience. Our spirit to fight our wars and the thirst to overcome our challenges is well documented globally. We do not lose our wars, we only get setbacks. And when the setbacks come, we quickly spring back victoriously.

Covid 19 is a war we cannot afford to lose. We are duty bound to resuscitate our economy which has slowed down.

Our County is raring to go to ensure the economic investments that have been done do not crumble at the weight of this pandemic.

We are rising from the ashes. We are going to fully re-open our economy so that none of our children sleeps hungry. We shall re-open our economy so that none of those who lost jobs remain jobless.

We shall fully re-open our economy so that we can continue building this country from where we left in March 2020.

I wish to assure you that my government will walk hand in hand with the business community and other investors to ensure we are back to economic normalcy.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

The next general election is a whole 22 months away. As such therefore, our leaders ought to spend this time diligently and deliver on the promises they made to the people.

Here in Kajiado, I passionately call for a stop of divisive politics that threaten peaceful co-existence among ourselves.

Positive criticism is welcome as it has the potential to bring on board better ideas. However, vexatious criticism that is meant to derail ongoing development programmes will not be allowed to take root in this great County.

We are ready to work with like-minded leaders regardless of their party or political affiliations so that we fast track our development agenda.

My people;

We continue to cooperate with our President Uhuru Kenyatta on all possible fronts. We have keenly followed his advisories on development and matters politics.

We particularly note his desire to have political rhetoric toned down to give development a chance. We fully support this stance.

We continue to be steadfast in his spirit of uniting this country under the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) as well as his Handshake with Honourable Raila Amolo Odinga. Hapo ndio tuko !

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Today, we have a special Mashujaa Day. For the first time in the history of Mashujaa Day, we have our heroes and heroines sitting here with us.

In our Heroes Corner over there, sit great men and women who played critical roles in shaping what our County is today.

Their love for our people and their commitment to excel in whatever cause they pursued, remains one of our greatest motivations; a rare gem in our lives.

For some of the heroes and heroines, we are glad that we are sharing their courageous deeds with their kin. What a sight to behold to see face to face the heroes and heroines, some of whom we only read in history books!

My Great people of Kajiado;

Today, we become the FIRST COUNTY in this Republic to give special recognition to our homegrown heroes and heroines. Towards this end, we shall confer Lifetime Achievement and Recognition Awards to 20 Heroes and Heroines, a ritual I promised will be annual.

The 20, most of whom are being represented by their families here, belong to a long list of men and women whose contribution to our people’s future, back then, was impactful.

For this, I humbly turn to them and say, “Mungu Awabariki sana na awape afya njema.”

In the list of our forefathers, we have a guest hero among the Maa people, Senteu Ole Mbatiany, a gallant fighter who bravely defended African rights and played a leading role in the fight against colonial rule in Kenya.

Much later, there were government chiefs who became a critical link between the Government of the day and the people.

Today, we remember Mutunkei Ole Choonka, the leader of the Iltareto age-set, and the first colonial chief of the Ilkaputiei. In this league is Matayian Ole Risa from Ildamat and Lenku Ole Mpaa from the Ilkisonko community.

Mzee Peter Shompole Ole Leroka, who is here with us, was a brave warrior in the struggle for Independence and later became a veteran educator. (Karibu sana papa)

In the category of great minds and promoters of education, we shall today honour Reverend John Tompo Ole Mpaayei, Jonathan Simitia Ole Solitei, Loise Mpayiai Nkaaka (Who is here with us, all the way from Kimana), Gideon Saina Ole Mpoke, Zipporah Senterua Pelo (Also here with us),Jason Ole Sein and Prof Geoffrey Ole Maloiy.

Among us today also, ladies and gentlemen, is a lady who has gallantly fought for the girl child education in Maasai land; Priscilla Naisula Nangurai (Karibu sana maam).

As Kajiado, we have also had great leaders who left an indelible mark due to their able and dedicated leadership amid a myriad of challenges.

Today, we spare a thought for Godfrey Kimoisa Ole Kipury, the first Senator of Kajiado; Stanley Shapashina Oloitipitip, a long serving Cabinet Minister; Prof George Saitoti, a long serving Cabinet Minister and Vice President of the Republic of Kenya; multi-party and second liberation crusader John Keen and Major General (Rtd) Joseph Kasaine Ole Nkaiserry who served as Member of Parliament in Kajiado Central, where we are, and later became Cabinet Secretary in the Republic of Kenya.

All these great leaders made Kajiado occupy a seat on the high table of national politics and most of them really inspired some of us to become leaders. We are proud of them.

Still, we cannot forget our local leaders such as David Lemomo Ole Kapeen, the founder chairman of OlKejuado County Council and Mr Francis Lemeeki Ole Legis, also a former chairman of the Olkejuado County Council.

We are grateful to these dutiful souls and we pray that we all learn from them the power of selfless service to humanity.

I now take this special opportunity and honour to CONFER to each of these heroes and heroines A LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT & RECOGNITION AWARD for their service to Kajiado people and Kenyans in general.

Asanteni sana !

Mungu awabariki…