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Kajiado County March 16, 2019

Tender Notice

The County Government of Kajiado invites sealed bids from qualified bidders for the following tenders.

Interested eligible bidders may obtain a complete set of tender documents from County Government Website or PPIP Portal: or IFMIS Supplier Portal: free of charge.
Qualification for Tendering (Mandatory)
The bidders are expected to include certified copy of each of the following:-
(a) Certified copy of Certificate of Registration/Incorporation;
(b) Certified copy of valid Registration Certificate with the National Construction Authority in the stated category (will be verified from NCA) for works;
(c) Copy of Valid Tax Compliance Certifícate (will be verified on the KRA TCC Checker);
(d) Certified copy of recent CR12 form -(12 months) from Registrar of Companies ;
(e) Bidders shall serialize all pages for each tender document submitted; failure to which the bidder shall be disqualified.
 Bidders with history of non-performance e.g. failure to complete the projects or deliver goods and services within the contract period, termination of contract or having been issued with a notice of termination are ineligible to bid.
Other Requirements are as specified in the respective tender documents.