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Preserving our Culture
Kajiado County June 29, 2023

Preservation of culture remains one of our greatest missions

In this regard, I hosted a team of scholars and good will Ambassadors from the United Kingdom led by Prof Dr Laura Van Broeckhoven, the Director of Pitt Rivers Museum and Professor of Museum Studies, Ethics and Material Culture at the University of Oxford.

Our meeting was also attended by more than 50 traditional leaders from 25 sections of the Maa Nation from both Kenya and Tanzania.

I was elated to see the commendable research work done by the Pan-African Living Cultures Alliance (PALCA), a team led by one of their Directors, Mr. Samwel Nangiria, in identifying and properly documenting the discovery of scattered artefacts that are presently being held at numerous historical museums across Europe.

This revelation gives critical evidence of the negative impact colonialism has had on many of our communities for generations now. We strongly support the ongoing deliberations, in particular, between the Maasai through identified channels of representation and Pitt Rivers Museum as this will present an opportunity for reconciliation and healing process.

I applaud the efforts by many human rights groups working with our communities to see that progressive aspects of our culture are well preserved.

Culture remains a significant part of identity for individuals and communities as it forms an important aspect of people’s way of life, and fosters cohesion, unity through unique identity. The preservation of our cultural practices and Maasai traditions are the signals of a community that remains alive.