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Kajiado County Admin September 12, 2023


On September 8th, 2023, Mosiro Ward, situated in the remote Kajiado region, celebrated the inauguration of two new health facilities, marking a significant development brought about by Governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s administration. These new facilities, Oldepe and Embarbal dispensaries, ignited enthusiasm within the local communities as they envisioned improved access to healthcare services. The event was graced by key figures including Health Services CEC Member Alex Kilowua, Medical Services Chief Officer Kipapei Peloi, Public Health CO Wilson Taiyai, and area MCA Jonathan Koroine among other senior government officials from the health department, all of whom joined the local residents in celebrating this momentous occasion. Also present was former MCA Hon Peter Tirishe. Mr. Kilowua, emphasizing the importance of these facilities, highlighted that they would alleviate the burden on residents who previously had to travel to Mosiro Dispensary or Narok for healthcare services. The governor’s commitment to bringing essential services closer to the people was evident in his statement, reflecting their mission to ensure accessible healthcare, particularly in the arid and remote region of Mosiro.

With these new additions, Mosiro now boasts three health facilities, marking a significant milestone in improving healthcare accessibility for its residents.

This development is a testament to the dedication of Governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s administration to address the healthcare needs of the people in the remote Mosiro region. The establishment of Oldepe and Embarbal dispensaries not only brings healthcare services closer to the community but also signifies a crucial step towards enhancing the overall well-being of the residents. The presence of key officials such as Alex Kilowua, Kipapei Peloi, and Wilson Taiyai, alongside the support of local representatives like Jonathan Koroine, underscores the collaborative effort behind this achievement. Mr. Kilowua’s words resonate with the core mission of making healthcare accessible to all, a significant challenge in the challenging terrain of Mosiro. With these newly commissioned facilities, the region now possesses three health facilities, a remarkable accomplishment that promises to significantly improve the quality of life for the people of Mosiro by providing them with easier access to essential medical care.