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Health Emergency Hotline Number-0758721986
Kajiado County July 31, 2019

Hospital Emergency Hotline – 0758721986

Did you know that The County Government of Kajiado has a dedicated Hospital Emergency Response number?
The County Government through the Department of Medical Services, Health and Sanitation operates an emergency hotline number to cater to medical emergencies for residents of the County.
Who can call the number?
The number is accessible to everyone with an operational handset/mobile phone.
What is the number you can call for hospital emergencies?
The Number to call is 0758721986.
Is the number operational throughout?
The emergency response number is reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Do I get charged to call the number?
Normal operator call charges apply when calling this number.
What services can I expect upon reporting an emergency?
Depending on the nature of the emergency, our call-operator will locate the nearest medical facility and make all the necessary interventions not limited to ambulance services, blood donation, hospital admissions etc.
What information should you provide? It is critical that you provide the call-operator with information that is as accurate and complete as possible. Try to remain calm, and speak slowly and clearly. While the information you provide will vary with the incident, there are some critical details that will be required in almost every instance. These include:
▪ A brief description of the incident
▪ Time of occurrence
▪ Exact location (Ward, Location, street and unit/apartment numbers, if applicable etc.)
▪ Extent of injuries or property damage, if any.
It is critical that you give the call-taker your phone number—especially if you are calling from a wireless phone so that the medical personnel or police can call you back if they need additional information.
What if I do not speak English?
Callers who do not speak English, or who feel more comfortable communicating in a language other than English, can still access the hospital emergencies services. If necessary, callers should tell the call-taker they want a language translator to help facilitate the call.

NOTE: The Kajiado County Hospital Emergency number can be looked up on available search engines online.