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CGK November 29, 2018


H.E the Governor has launched a developmental affirmative action, for Mosiro ward, one of the most marginalized wards in the County.
In an elaborate tour with his senior county officials, Governor Lenku said never again will Mosiro Ward be abandoned the way it has been by past regimes.” You are part of Kajiado County. You shall not weep again for the developmental discrimination you have suffered. I have a special focus on the very rural areas which have not seen any tangible development in the past,” said Governor Lenku at a public rally in Mosiro town.
Before the rally, H.E the Governor commissioned the Emparbal water project where hundreds of local residents will now be drawing clean and fresh water.
Together with Medical Services Chief Officer, Jacob Sampeke, the Governor also inspected Mosiro Dispensary which attends to 20 patients daily as well as being the only health facility that offers maternity services in the Ward.
Accompanied by Chief Officers Douglas Konana (Water) and Leakey Ritei (Agriculture), the Governor inspected the ongoing construction of Mosiro Irrigation Scheme. The project with a capacity of 28 Million liters will be constructed at a cost of Ksh 30 Million. It is expected to be complete by June next year. “Under my Watch, Mosiro will never be discriminated against the way it has been. The irrigation scheme will greatly boost food security for these residents,” he said. The Governor also stated that the people of Emparbal can now draw clean and fresh water for the first time from the county’s water project.
“As an Affirmative Action on local youth, I have directed that Mosiro must have at least 50 youths in the next intake of the on-going County Vocational Skills Training Programme,” the Governor added.
The day long tour also saw area MCA Peter Tirishe hail the Governor for pledging to consider more local sons and daughters for county jobs