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Kajiado County March 3, 2023

Departmental Scorecard 2017-2022- Agriculture, Livestock and Veterinary Services

The government of HE Government Joseph ole Lenku though through the ministry of Agriculture, livestock’s & fisheries embarked on  several strategies that would help enhance food security, income generation as well as wealth creation through promotion of competitive agriculture, sustainable livestock & fisheries. To achieve this, the department embarked on:

  • Capacity building to farmers on best farming methods
  • Increased surveillance of pests & diseases, eg (Desert Locust invasion)
  • Livestock vaccinations & extension services on veterinary services
  • Construction of new markets and cattle vaccination crushes
  • Provision of extension services & vaccination of livestock’s
  • Value addition on livestock’s and farm produce
  • Continuous capacity building for farmers
  • Provision of farm inputs to farmers

  Milestone Achieved (2017 – 2020)

DEPARTMENT Project Achievement To-date
Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries    
Construction of cattle crushes 38
Vaccinations 53, 093 goats and cattle vaccinated against RVF in addition 389,000 Shoats vaccinated against PPR
Dog Deworming 4000 dogs dewormed
Completion of Isinya Tannery 1
Construction of hay barn 1
Renovation of Hay ban 1
Renovation of cattle dip 1
Construction of milking parlour 1
Construction machine shade 1
 Livestock Vaccination (Vaccination figures} 2,979,445
Livestock Sale Yards-construction of sale yard 2
Dairy Milk Coolers Houses 2
Livestock Weighing Scales 2
Construction of grain drier room and office block at Entarara 1
Construction of Kuku Furrow and irrigation 1
Completion of Tomatoes Processing Plant at Namelok Ongoing
Community water pans and dams-Construction and disilting Ongoing countywide
Mosiro irrigation project- Pipeline extension from the Narok County linkage Ongoing countywide
Construction and equiping of community fish ponds 8
Provision of Fingerlings to farmers groups 14,000
Provision of fish feeds to farmer groups 400kgs
provision of fish pond liners to farmers groups 2
provision of sein nets to farmers groups 4
Provision of Predator nets to farmers groups 4



PROGRAMME Project Achievement To-date
Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project  
Objective: To increase Agricultural Productivity and Enhance Resilience to Climate Change Risks
  Outcome: Increased income, enhanced resilience to climate change
  Community level investments (micro-projects) 244 Common Interest Groups(CIGs) & Vulnerable and marginalized groups(VMGs) supported with micro-project grants : (Amount disbursed: Ksh160 Million)
  Oloontulugum Water/Irrigation Sub-project Borehole drilled and equipped ; solar panel installed, 135M³ water tank constructed, masonry water kiosk and cattle trough(Cost: Ksh14.3 Million)
  Rift Valley and Blue Tongue Vaccination Sub-project 332,000 livestock (cattle, sheep and goats vaccinated(Cost: Ksh9.7 Million)
  Kimana Livestock Sale yard  Sub-project Construction of: Sale yard; holding paddocks(7No.), loading ramp(2No.), exchange sheds(2No,); Market sheds(10No.); water troughs; hay barn(1No..) on-going(State: 75% completion)
  CCPP Vaccination Sub-project 516,400 goats vaccinated against CCPP (Cost: Ksh19.6 Million)
  Support to Producer organizations 5 producer organizations supported with inclusion grants(Cost: Ksh2.5 Million)
  Purchase of motorcycles 9 motorcycles purchased for extension services (Cost:Ksh4 million)
Regional Pastoral Livelihoods Resilience Project Objective: To develop and implement regional approaches that enhance livelihoods of pastoralists and agro-pastoral communities in selected counties of ASALs of Kenya  
  Eyaarat water pan 1
  Rehabilitation of Bissil sale yard 70% complete
  Drilling of Mosiro borehole 90% complete
  Construction of Kikuro hay ban 1
  Construction of Nkama livestock sale yard 1
  Construction of Torosei water pan 80% complete
Small Scale Irrigation and value Addition Project(SIVAP)  
Objective: To contribute to poverty reduction by ensuring increased agricultural productivity and incomes
  Construction of Illasit Livestock sale yard 90% complete
  Construction of grading shade 90% complete
  Drilling of borehole 50% complete

PARTNER Project Achievement To-date
Bayer EA Supply of Drought tolerant maize seeds 30 tonnes
National Irrigation Board(NIB) Excavation of water pans 254
Emergency Department Procurement of PPEs 100PPEs
Supply of Agro chemicals 300 Litres
Supply of motorized sprayers 10
Supply of Knapsack sprayers 30
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Fisheries & Cooperatives(National Government) Aflasafe KE 01 Kit for afflatoxin management 4 tonnes
Hand Maize Sheller’s 20
Moisture Meters 3
Hermetic bags 100