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Kajiado County March 4, 2023

Department of Water – Scorecard 2017-2022

In line with the County Government’s initiatives to enhance access to safe & clean water, enhance safe & suitable environment, and enhance optimal exploitation and use of the natural resources within the county, the government through the department of water, environment embarked on the following strategies namely:

  • Drilling of boreholes and shallow wells
  • Construction of new & rehabilitation of old pipelines
  • Construction/rehabilitation/installations of tanks
  • Establish a waste management plan that ensures reduction, reuse & recycle of all types of waste across the county
  • Construction of irrigation schemes ( Canals)
  • Construction of water harvesting facilities ( Dams & Pans)
  • Waste managenment, Climate change & green energy
  • Management of natural resources and tree planting

Milestone Achieved (2017 – 2020)

DEPARTMENT Project Projects initiated during the period Complete projects     Ongoing projects
Water, Irrigation, Environment & Natural Resources Objective: To increase access to safe water for domestic, livestock & institution consumption    
Outcome: Increased access to water for domestic, livestock & institutional consumption    
Newly Initiated Boreholes 89 74 15
Water pans by County & partners 9 9  
Canaling 2 3  
Distillation 4 4  
Equipping & Tank installation of old boreholes 82 82  
Piping Systems 19 19  

In addition,

  • Nolturesh water pipeline is now serving some of the remote places with key arteries at Oloitokitok, Iltilal, Imaroro & Mashuru. Over 11,000 households have been connected to Nolturesh water pipeline since 2017.
  • Acquired the EPZ water pipeline from the national government for direct water supply to the people of Kitengela and its environs through construction of 12 Water kiosks that serves as water points which are fully operational, serving thousands of kitengela resident’s

Success stories

  • Reduction of distance covered by people to get water from an average of 15km to about 8km
  • Increased in the population of people getting clean and safe drinking water from 35% to 45%

Environment Unit

Sector mandate

  • Solid waste management systems which shall ensure clean, safe and habitable urban centers
  • Tree planting and nurturing
  • Air and noise pollution control
  • Street cleaning, beautification and landscaping
  • Protection of fragile ecosystems
  • Development of public recreational parks
  • Public nuisance control and removal
  • Management and safe guarding county forests


Waste Management Solid waste was an eyesore in all major towns as there was no major functional waste management plan.


  • Decommissioning and relocation of the historic Ngong dumpsite
  • Improvement of Kitengela dumpsite by introducing the recycling hub
  • Purchase of garbage collection trucks & 4 skips loaders and 10 dustbins at Kajiado North and east sub-counties
  • Beautification of Isinya bus park & Kajiado square  
  • Distribution of garbage trucks to 5 sub counties
  • Environmental conservation through tree planting in schools, church, Entarara forest
  • Waste value addition, capacity building – taka mali initiative at Kitengela