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Kajiado County March 4, 2023

Department of Roads- Scorecard 2017-2022

In line with the initiative to ensure that there is efficient, affordable & reliable infrastructure for sustainable economic and social activities, the County Government of  Kajiado embarked on a robust strategy of construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of all infrastructure facilities within the county. To achieve this, the department embarked on:

  • Carry out survey to determine all roads that are unclassified and upgrade them
  • Continuously maintain all weather roads
  • Partnership with Kenya Rural Electrification and other partners to enhance supply of power & Ensure adequate parking spaces in the county

Milestone Achieved (2017 – 2020)

3 Roads, Transport, Public Works & Energy Objective: To enhance accessibility in both urban and rural areas
Outcome: Enhanced accessibility in the county
Total Kms of roads opened                                                           900kms
Total Kms Graded & Murramed                                                                    1,419 Kms
Total Kms of road Tarmacked & Cabros






Bus parks constructed & maintained




Installation of Floodlights      16
Municipality Tarmac    11.6 Kms                                               

Inspection of Cabro Works- Kware-Nkaimurunya Ward

Kajiado Town Stadium rd


Department of Energy & Transport

Integrated Street lighting

When we came in, Kajiado Town & dozens of other towns in Kajiado were in total darkness at night and the few streetlights erected were in complete disrepair.

  • In Kisii Town, under a Public, Private Partnership arrangement with Rural Development Solutions, we have installed over 97 solar powered streetlights and eight ( 2 ) high mast lights spurring the growth of a 24 hour economy.
  • High mast lights have also been installed in all the nine sub county headquarters.
  • Through a market improvement program targeting 20 centers, the County has already installed 11 solar streetlights in 12 trading centers spread across all 25 ward and a total of 41 high mast flood lights.