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CGK May 2, 2018


Governor Joseph Ole Lenku attended a rite of passage blessing ceremony (Esajata Orkiteng) at Oldule village in Entonet Lenkism Ward in Kajiado South.While delivering his speech at the ceremony he urged Maasai youth to preserve their community’s culture and still engage in education at the same time and as a result education would bring better tidings for them in future. “The culture we are observing gives you the discipline you need to excel in education. When you succeed in education, you will make it in life Mr. Lenku told the morans.
The excited morans, whose battle antics awed the huge crowd, said they had appreciated the elevation of one of their fellow constituents to the highest office in the County and promised to support Governor Lenku’s administration.
The event was meant to bless the Morans, most of whom are in school, before the school reopen next week.
Kajiado Women Representative Janet Teiyaa, and MPs Katoo Ole Metito( Kajiado South) and George Sunkuyia( Kajiado West) graced the colorful ceremony and promised to promote education among the morans.

Maasai morans during the blessing ceremony (Esajata Orkiteng) at Oldule village in Kajiado South