News Detail

CGK June 4, 2020


The County Government of Kajiado has received reports of 6 new Covid-19 positive cases bringing the cumulative number to 88 patients since the 13th of March 2020 when the first case was reported. The distributions of the new positive cases are as follows;

  1. Kajiado central -5 (3 local and 2 truck drivers).
  2. Kajiado east -1 (mortality).

They were all evacuated to various isolation and treatment centers within and out of the County. Contact listing and tracing by our surveillance team has started immediately. It is so unfortunate that as a County we have registered the first Covid-19 death case, the deceased was buried today as per MOH guidelines. The County Government administration would like to pass our heartfelt condolences to the family and Friends may his soul rest in eternal peace.

Our isolation and treatment centres have 20 patients admitted currently, and the number has been steadily increasing. We would also like to report that our fight against the pandemic suffered a setback when the emergency response team was blocked from accessing the Namanga hotspot to take samples, trace contacts and attend to patients.

Sadly later the situation worsened with our only ambulance based in Namanga attacked at Ilbissil community demonstration while ferrying a critically ill patient to Kajiado County Referral Hospital. Members of the public are informed to avoid blocking lifesaving emergency services which benefit the general public.

Lastly we would like to remind everyone of us to become more careful, practice all prevention measures and incase of any feeling of being unwell, seek medical attention early. Kindly let’s all continue visiting our health facilities for routine health services and screening.


Esther Somoire,OGW
CECM, Medical Services and Public Health.
Kajiado County