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Kajiado County Admin January 29, 2024

Biodiversity Business of soda lakes

County department of Tourism led by CECM Janet Sereu and State department of Tourism represented by Mukonyi Kavaka, OGW today briefed H.E GovernJoseph ole Lenku, EGH on i.e Lake Magadi.

His excellency the Governor discussed his economic transformation agenda on Access and Benefit Sharing of Kajiado County’s well endowed Natural resources, Geological Heritage, Indegenous Knowledge and intellectual Assets with the local communities.

He arduously envisaged to set standards and put systemic structures in place through, thorough regulation of research and policy development, that sets a clear mandate of access, negotiation and benefit sharing of local and Indegenous communities according to the Nagoya Protocol

This promotes an economic pillar of our blue economy…. Lake Magadi to whom microbes are extracted for pharmaceuticals, and whose enzymes are used to make the blue jeans color stick and not fade even in the sun
Others like filming our Maasai attire, and the Red Maasai Sheep as well as knowledge on Traditional Herbal medicine were included in the market access and benefit sharing business model