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CGK June 1, 2019


H.E the Deputy Governor led the people of Kajiado on behalf of H.E Joseph Ole Lenku in marking the 56th Madaraka Day Celebrations at KCB Grounds Kajiado.

In accelerating service delivery to the people it is important to recognize that our County and National Government has no boundaries as we mark 56 years of independence. Kajiado residents do celebrate the milestones of devolution that has brought service delivery close to the people.

“We celebrate and honor all those who gave their lives to the struggle of our independence so that we can enjoy total freedom. Coming together and working hard in our communities to transform lives and fight poverty is proper and befitting in honoring those whose blood was shed and paid the ultimate price for us to govern ourselves” said Moshisho.

H.E the Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho was accompanied by Members of County Assemblies and County staff.