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04 Mar
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Department of Roads- Scorecard 2017-2022

In line with the initiative to ensure that there is efficient, affordable & reliable infrastructure for sustainable economic and social activities, the County Government of  Kajiado embarked on a robust strategy of construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of all infrastructure facilities within the county. To achieve this, the department embarked on:

  • Carry out survey to determine all roads that are unclassified and upgrade them
  • Continuously maintain all weather roads
  • Partnership with Kenya Rural Electrification and other partners to enhance supply of power & Ensure adequate parking spaces in the county

Milestone Achieved (2017 – 2020)

3 Roads, Transport, Public Works & Energy Objective: To enhance accessibility in both urban and rural areas
Outcome: Enhanced accessibility in the county
Total Kms of roads opened                                                           900kms
Total Kms Graded & Murramed                                                                    1,419 Kms
Total Kms of road Tarmacked & Cabros






Bus parks constructed & maintained




Installation of Floodlights      16
Municipality Tarmac    11.6 Kms                                               

Inspection of Cabro Works- Kware-Nkaimurunya Ward

Kajiado Town Stadium rd


Department of Energy & Transport

Integrated Street lighting

When we came in, Kajiado Town & dozens of other towns in Kajiado were in total darkness at night and the few streetlights erected were in complete disrepair.

  • In Kisii Town, under a Public, Private Partnership arrangement with Rural Development Solutions, we have installed over 97 solar powered streetlights and eight ( 2 ) high mast lights spurring the growth of a 24 hour economy.
  • High mast lights have also been installed in all the nine sub county headquarters.
  • Through a market improvement program targeting 20 centers, the County has already installed 11 solar streetlights in 12 trading centers spread across all 25 ward and a total of 41 high mast flood lights.
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01 Sep
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The impending transformation of Kajiado town whose roads are being tarmacked by the County Government of Kajiado and the National Government will significantly alter the skyline of the County Headquarters.
Hon.Joseph Ole Lenku; Governor Kajiado County inspected the roadworks in the town that will connect key estates to the Central Business District( CBD) and then to the Nairobi-Namanga Highway.
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18 May
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H.E Governor Lenku inspects the quality of road works in the ongoing construction of Ilmisigiyo-Enkong’u Narok road  in Entonet Lenkisim Ward.
Once complete,  the road will open up the area and will improve local livelihoods by creating greater economic opportunities; enhancing access to  agricultural markets; education, hospitals and connecting the factors of production to investments.
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28 Dec
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The Nkokirdinga Step Hill Road in Keekonyokie Road is now ready for use by the public after H.E the Governor was joined by Keekonyokie Ward MCA Saoyo Kusero, Chief Officer roads Koinari Tutui and county engineers to commission during the site visit of the 5km road which will open up Nkokirdinga as well as ease access to Nkokirdinga Primary School.”My administration is keen on opening up rural areas to improve accessibility and promote trade,” Governor Lenku said.

MCA Saoyo said he was grateful at the speed the road was constructed and promised to work with the Governor to release more development for the Ward.

The road is part of Kajiado County Government’s road works for this Financial Year.

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13 Sep
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Kajiado County’s Department of Roads and Public Works continues to open up various areas within the county to ease mobility.

The roadworks is meant to rehabilitate major connection routes to improve trade and shorten the time spent between major trading centers.

Today, Kajiado County Roads and Public Works CEC Alex Kilowua, his Lands and Urban Planning Counterpart Hamilton Parseina, Lands Chief Officer Moses Murunya and County Engineer Ezekiel Sampao were in Kajiado Central where they inspected the earthworks of the new 6 Km Iseuri-Olkejuado High School.  with an encroachment of PBS and Olkejuado high school-Iltareto Road.

The road is part of Governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s infrastructural transformation that seeks to open up areas that were difficult to access.



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13 Aug
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Governor Joseph Ole Lenku joined the Deputy President H.E William Ruto at the launch of the Ngong-Ewaso Kedong-Suswa road in Kimuka shopping Center that is to be upgraded to Bitumen Standard.

The 70 kilometers road has an allocation of 4 billion and has a working timeline of 24 months. The road is one of the over 300 kilometers of roads being done within Kajiado County.

The Deputy President confirmed that soon the National Government will install a CT Scan at Kajiado County Referral Hospital worth 150 million in its bid to improve (UHC).

Kajiado West Technical Training Institute that was commissioned by The Deputy President some two years ago, is now complete and recently received 50M worth of equipment and will open its doors from September.

All students joining Technical schools will be given 30,000Ksh as bursary and will benefit from Higher Education Loans Board.

The Governor was accompanied by his Narok counterpart H.E Samuel Tunai, Kajiado County Women Representative Hon. Janet Teyiaa, Kajiado West MP George Sunkuyia, Host of MCA among other leaders.


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01 Aug
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Road works in Kajiado County will now be completed faster after the County started rapid inspection of ongoing projects.

These move comes in the wake of destruction of marram roads by recent rains and which Governor Joseph Ole Lenku had promised it will be fixed at the earliest opportunity.

Kajiado County Roads and Public Works CEC Member Alex Kilowua started the inspection today in Kajiado East Sub County.

Mr. Kilowua, accompanied by several engineers, started the rapid inspection of Isinya town roads which are being upgraded. “The road progress is on course and promise to keep the fast tracking of the road’s completion. Several roads are usually impassable at the slightest rainfall. We are preparing them to be passable when it rains,” said Mr. Kilowua.

The CECM added that the roads will boost trade within the Sub County and enhance faster transport in the region.


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17 Jul
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The Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho commissions the the rehabilitation of a 500 metres stretch of the GK Prisons road,Kitengela.

The World Bank in partnership with the Kajiado County Government Department of Roads, Public Works, Housing and Energy has today commissioned the rehabilitation of a 500 metres stretch of the GK Prisons road,Kitengela.
The move is meant to decongest the town by creating alternative routes and creating about 200 parking spaces.
Speaking during the launch, The Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho said the decongestion of Kitengela town was long overdue as the incessant traffic in the town had been a cause of concern for many residents and business people in the town.
He termed it a culmination of a campaign promise made by H.E. Joseph Ole Lenku that Kajiado will benefit from enhanced infrastructure for development in the county.
“ Our resolve is to ensure that the people of Kajiado see the fruits of development as outlined in our campaign manifesto,” added Moshisho.
He assured development partners of continued support in such initiatives that spur growth of the economy by creating accessibility into the rural and urban areas of the county.
Alex Kilowua CECM in charge of Roads and Transport said the decongestion of Kitengela town will create 200 more parking slots boosting the number earlier by the Ksh 100M Kitengela bus park.
“The eleven kilometer cabro road will serve as a bypass that will create alternative route from the highway and ultimately ease the traffic in the town,” he said.
At the same time Kilowua revealed that plans are at an advanced stage to rehabilitate the 12km stretch between deliverance-railway road at a cost of Ksh 200M with start date set for early next month.
In 2012, the World Bank approved 27.89 billion Kenyan Shilling (USD 330 million) in funding for the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project (NaMSIP) This project aims to strengthen urban services and infrastructure in the Nairobi Metropolitan Region for an estimated 1.5 million urban residents. The project was developed to help steer Kenya towards the path of becoming a middle-income country – one of the goals of Nairobi Metro 2030.
The Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project will supplement the work of previous World Bank sponsored urban improvement projects, including the Kenya Municipal Programme and the Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project, each of which have received 8.45 billion Kenyan Shilling (USD 100 million) in World Bank funding over the last seven years.[/caption]


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