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07 May
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Kajiado County nurses joined others in commemorating the Global Nurses Week at Kimana Health Centre in Loitokitok Sub County.

This day is celebrated with special events and times banquets to honor the nurses for the role they play in health care service delivery.

Kajiado County has over 538 nurses with 46% working in rural health facilities. This is an increase from 338 nurses before devolution.

Representing Governor Joseph Ole Lenku, Health Services CEC Esther Somoire said nurses play a critical role in healthcare provision.” As a Department we have the best nurses. We recognize efforts of every nurse in the county and shall always support them as they make a difference in the lives of patients and in the communities they serve, “Said Somoire

Medical Services Chief Officer Jacob Sampeke added that they are improving facilities and working environments for the nurses.” We are building better facilities so that we make easier for our nurses to offer the best services to our people. ” said Sampeke.

Ellen Sawani who is in charge of nurses affairs in Kajiado County highlighted that nurses are happy with the way their affairs are being managed by the County Government.” We are happy with the way our affairs are being handled by the administration of Governor Joseph Ole Lenku and that is why you didn’t see strikes in our county, “said Sawani.

In order to achieve Universal Health Care as a County, the role of nurses is critical and therefore there’s need to continue to actively recruit and train nurses.

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22 Jan
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Public health facilities in Kajiado County have received medical equipment worth Ksh 15.7 million. This equipment’s include HB meter, ultra sound machines, delivery beds, photothery box, patella hammers, mother baby packs among others.
During the flagging off of the equipment, H.E the Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho said
health is a critical priority in the County and will work with the National Government. “As a government it’s our responsibility to ensure our residents get access to better medical services across our county and with the NHIF program, we will get the best services, ” said Moshisho.
He also urged the residents to utilize all the equipment brought by the county.” We want to tell our people to make use of all the services provided at our hospitals. There are machines in our facilities that are not being fully utilized and let us use them instead of going far places to access the same services yet they are found within the County”.
Medical Services Chief Officer Jacob Sampeke was also present stating that alot is being done by the health ministry across the county.” We are distributing this equipment and they will help improve service delivery to our people. As a Department, we shall continue allocating resources to try and satisfy our people’s needs, ” Said Sampeke.
Health is allocated more than 30 per cent of the County’s budget.

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01 Dec
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Residents of Kajiado County joined the world in commemorating the World AIDS Day in Loitoktok town, Kajiado South.Data from the county shows decreasing HIV prevalence rates; has reduced from 4.4% to 3.9% even though it still remains a serious public health challenge. According to HIV estimates released early this month Kajiado County main spread of HIV is high population, livestock traders and horticultural farmers.

Speaking during the commemoration Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho said a lot still needs to be done. “The HIV and AIDS pandemic rates stands at 3.9% which is still high. Our government has allocated resources for mobilization towards HIV and AIDS interventions aimed at reducing the spread of this disease” said Moshisho. He urged men to lead by example and be tested for HIV and AIDS.”I am calling upon every one and especially men to take the lead and get tested for HIV in line with this year World AIDS day theme. I want to thank the National AIDS Control Council and our partners who have stood with us in this endeavor as we strive to get zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths as we save our future” added Moshisho.

CECM Health Esther Somoire added that as a ministry, precedence has been given towards awareness creation and resources allocation for mobilization in the fight against the disease.”Kajiado County HIV infected individuals has gone up from 21,000 to 24,870. The number will keep increasing and placing continuing demands on health and social services systems. We will do a lot of mobilization as we continue to spread this message to all our people in rural and urban areas” said Somoire.

Ms Angeline Siparo NACC Chairperson said AIDS still remains one of the biggest public health challenge.”The National prevalence rates has also dropped from 5.6% to 4.9%, whereas we have made progress.HIV and AIDS still remains one of the biggest public health challenge of our times. I want to thank the county governments whose leadership have taken charge of HIV services and programs to ensure no one is left behind. We applaud them for their partnership.” Said Angeline.

The Deputy Governor and the CEC Health also issued certificates to mothers and children who graduated from the HIV Exposed Infanta (HEI) program; children borne of mothers living with HIV but have tested negative for the HIV virus. They took special recognition to the community support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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20 Nov
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The Kajiado County Government through the department of Medical Services, Public Health and Sanitation joined the rest of the world in marking The World Toilet Day at KMQ dispensary, Loodokilani Ward, Kajiado County.

Though still a work in progress, the department has recorded a 27% versus 47% success in open defecation free zones in rural and urban areas of the county respectively.Speaking at the function, the CEC in charge of Health, Esther Somoire said her department hopes to create more awareness on the importance of toilets to residents of Kajiado County. She said that by the year 2020 Kajiado will have achieved this endeavor so long as the residents become receptive and are willing to accept the initiatives outlined by the Health Ministry.
“We are continually turning our environment into an open sewer. We must build toilets and sanitation systems by using solutions that work according to our needs,” she said.

Samoire said her ministry will move the campaign to create open defecation free zones to all corners of the county adding that sanitation was a key priority of this initiative especially with the onset of the long rains.
“We do not want a situation where we have outbreaks of diseases such as cholera because our people and animals consume contaminated rain water,” she said.

The CEC also took issue with adults who defecate in open areas because they fail to build toilets or latrines at their places of work. She singled out quarry workers and police manning road blocks as notable culprits of this vice.
“To make Kajiado County an open defecation free zone we must target everyone and insist on them to use toilets; from children in schools to adults in their places of work,” advised Samoire.

Also present were the Chief Officers within the Health docket, County Health Officers among other partners and related stakeholders.

World Toilet Day (WTD) is an official United Nations International observance day on 19 November to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Worldwide 4.5 billion people live without safely managed sanitation and around the world 892 million people practice open defecation.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 aims to achieve sanitation for all and end open defecation. World toilet day exists to inform and inspire people to take action towards achieving this goal.

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16 Nov
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Kajiado County recorded the highest rise in number of patients seeking medical services in government hospitals in the country.A new comparative report that evaluated citizen perception of government medical services in devolved units between January to June, 2017, against the same period in 2018, showed an increase of 45 per cent of patients in Kajiado hospitals.

Between January and June 2017, 129, 512 patients visited the top five Kajiado hospitals compared to187, 271 patients in the same period this year.The hospital records were drawn from Kajiado Referral Hospital, Ngong, Kitengela and Loitokitok Sub County Hospitals as well as Ongata Rongai Health Centers.In total, the five hospitals recorded a 130 per cent rise in the number of admissions with Kajiado Referral Hospital leading with a 172 per cent rise in admissions.

During the period under review, Loitokitok Hospital was a choice for majority of residents for patients Inpatient services. It admitted 3,560 patients, a 148 per cent, from the 1,431 patients that were admitted in 2017. Kajiado Referral Hospital followed closely with 2, 640 patients in the half year period compared to 971 patients last year.Skilled deliveries in County hospitals rose by 88 per cent after 4,724 women gave birth in hospitals compared to 2,513 women last year.At 1,370, Kitengela Hospital received the highest number of expectant mothers compared to 512 last year.Outpatient service seekers in Kajiado hospitals rose from 80,457 in the first half of 2017 to 125,037 in 2018. This was a 55 per cent increase.Ongata Rongai Health Centre, commonly known as Saitoti hospital, had 14,852 maternal cases in 2018 compared to 13,460 last year.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman and Director of Medical Services Dr Jackson Kioko praised the transformation of Kajiado hospitals when they visited Kajiado County Referral hospital for the national celebrations of World Pneumonia Day.

Kajiado County Health Services CEC Member Esther Somoire attributed the endorsement of county health services to   improved medical supplies and equipment that is now attracting more clients.” We are receiving patients from as far as Makueni, Machakos, Kiambu and Nairobi counties. Our new NHIF health cover is also enabling more people access our facilities.”

Governor Lenku, while speaking in Namanga during a development tour,said the report was a vote of confidence on the County’s Mbuzi Moja, Afya Bora Initiative that seeks to promote Universal Health for all Kajiado residents.“We shall keep pressing on to have more people enroll for the NHIF cover,” he said.



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13 Nov
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Kajiado County  through the ministry of health hosted a national event to mark World Pneumonia Day at the county referral hospital.Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of deaths in children under five years old despite being easily preventable and treatable.It is a respiratory infection that leads to filling of lungs with fluid and leads to difficulty in breathing, high fever, severe cough and chest pain.

Speaking during the celebration , Chief Administrative Secretary Ministry of Health, Rashid Aman said pneumonia is still a big problem in Kenya.” Pneumonia still causes a lot of death in young children and as a ministry we  will work with kajiado county government to ensure we reduce the 4% rate to zero. As a ministry we are happy with the services  being  offered here in Kajiado that is why  we brought this event here.” Said Aman.

Kajiado  Deputy Governor H. E Martin Moshisho said  Kajiado is still below the required standard but the ministry has put a lot of effort.” Kajiado county  death rate is at 4% now and we hope in few years to come to reduce to even zero by training and motivating our communities health workers  and having all drugs needed at the hospitals for pneumonia patients .” Moshisho added that the County Government is highly committed in supporting the National Government achieve Universal Healthcare.” In our 2018/2019 budget the Health department got the lion’s share of the allocation because we want to see our people getting the best available treatments. We will work with the national government to ensure our people to bring services closer to them.” Said Moshisho.

CEC health Ester Somoire said the ministry will be doing mobilization and creating awareness to the local residents.” we know that a lot of sensitization needs to be done in the grassroots on the prevention of  pneumonia, we will work with our partners to  ensure this message of prevention reach to the interior parts of our county.The ministry brought over Pneumonia  drugs to be  for the next two years in the county.

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12 Nov
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The Ministry of Health has scheduled to commemorate the World Pneumonia Day. World Pneumonia Day is commemorated annually on 12th November to raise awareness of pneumonia, promote, prevention, treatment, and generate action to fight the illness. The Theme of the day is “Stop Pneumonia: Invest in Child Health”.

The County Department of Health in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and other development partners therefore invites you to attend the commemoration day on 12th November 2018 at Kajiado County Referral Hospital starting at 0800.

H.E Joseph Ole Lenku, Governor Kajiado County will grace the occasion and the Chief Guest will be Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Hon. Sicily Kariuki.

You are cordially invited to join us for this auspicious and noble event

Thank you,
Kajiado County Department of Health

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27 Sep
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Kajiado’s four-day free surgical camp has officially kicked off today the 27th -30th September 2018 at Kajiado Referral hospital and Oloitokitok sub-county hospital.

Surgeries to be conducted include;




4.Reconstruction surgeries

5.Orthopaedic surgery




9.Keloids, Lipomas, Skin Grafting

10.Varicose veins stripping



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26 Sep
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In a move meant to boost staff morale and enhance service delivery in health facilities, the County Government of Kajiado today received a guideline for attraction, retention and management of Human Resources for health document.

The proposed Kajiado County incentive framework model suggests favorable initiatives that if implemented will provide proper working conditions by incorporating financial and non-financial incentives that will make health facilities including those in remote areas attractive and favorable to work in.

The timely document which was developed with the support of Human Resources for Health (HRH)Kenya Program funded by USAID- implemented by Intra health International in collaboration with the department of medical services, public health & sanitation, county partners and other stakeholders.

Robert Athewa, Communication and Liaison Officer and Chair-Health Partners Kajiado County outlined that for the success of the framework to be realized, the Kajiado County Government needed to embark on a deliberate process of change which involves financing of health care services which has traditionally capitalized on infrastructure development, drugs and equipment and with minimum attention to the Human Resources for health.

“15% of national budget was allocated to the health sector unfortunately only 8% is being utilized making it a challenge to counties to operate unless more money is pumped in,” he said.

Athewa acknowledged that well designed health systems should prioritize motivation of staff to deliver quality health care services. These he said can be accelerated through development of a human resource partnership with national government institutions and other stakeholders.

According to Jacob Sampeke, the Chief Officer in charge of Medical Services, provision of staff development opportunities at all levels of service delivery is of key importance in empowering them to perform their duties effectively.

He observed that identifying staff retention initiatives especially to staff in rural health facilities as well as an advancement in their capacity, salaries and promotions would have an overall effect on their morale and output.

“We will work around the clock with the leadership within the health ministry to give all the staff the necessary support they require for the benefit of the people of the Kajiado,” said Sampeke.

He said the purpose of the guideline was to put in place a highly motivated human resource for health which is able to meet fast growing demand for health care and help the County attain Universal Health Coverage that H.E the Governor was keen on achieving in the next four years.

Sampeke said the County Government through the Department of Medical Services Health and Sanitation had embarked on improving of infrastructure as well as repairs of road network, and provision of social amenities such as water, electricity among others.

“We have already recommended a number of doctors and staff to further their studies abroad and bring back expertise in their specialties; this will enhance our service delivery efforts,” he said.

The Human Resource for Health is a key factor in realizing the health objectives outlined in the Kajiado County Integrated Development Plan, CIDP for the FY 2018 a 2022. The County Government has already made elaborate plans to improve health care provision by upgrading, expanding and equipping health facilities to enable them offer more specialized services.


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06 Sep
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H.E the Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho was accompanied by CEC Health Esther Somoire, Senior vice President, Head of General medicine and Endocrinology Dr. Francis Feig and other CURAFA officials for the opening of a new health facilities at Tuala in Oloosirkon,Sholinke Ward.

CURAFA is a project implemented in partnership between MERCK and AMREF Health Africa with an aim to improve health in five primary healthcare facilities in Kenya Counties of Kiambu, Kajiado, Machakos, Makueni and Mombasa.

H.E the Deputy Governor said that more and more NGO’s are choosing Kajiado as one of the counties to support as they help us to improve health through the universal health coverage in all parts of our County.


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