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30 Nov
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Kajiado Health CEC Member Alex Kilowua hosted World Bank and Global Financing Facility (GFF) team who visited his office to discuss the documentation of the transforming health systems for universal care projects.

The project aims to improve utilization and quality of primary health care (PHC) services with a focus on Reproductive, Maternal, New born, Child, and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH).

THS-UC Project and the Ministry of health appreciates the implementation progress made by the County during the entire project period.

The Investors Group brings together Ministers of Health from GFF countries and high-level representatives from key global health institutions to discuss how to strengthen collaboration across GFF partnership and advance the women and children’s health agenda.

During their visit to the county ,they have expressed their desire to appreciate the achievements realized through Transforming Health Systems project.

THS and county have been chosen to show case some of the facilities investments acquired including equipment for improved utilization and quality of care. The proposed facilities are the Kajiado County Referral hospital and Rongai level 4 hospital.


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15 Nov
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Collaboration between KMTC and Kajiado County in an effort to enhance healthcare education and service delivery.

To achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Kajiado County, there is a need to invest more in community health services and top-level primary health care facilities.
Today I received a team from Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) lead by the Board Chairperson Joseph Cheruiyot and the C.E.O Dr.Kelly Oluoch that paid me a courtesy call. In our meeting we discussed the need of working towards a collaboration between KMTC and Kajiado County in an effort to enhance healthcare education and service delivery.

The County Government have set aside land for the construction of a medical school adjacent to the County Referral Hospital, a task that KMTC has expressed commitment in our discussion.

Also present in our discussion is Ronald Wasike KMTC Academic Registrar, Joseph Wahome Principal Nairobi Campus, Kelvin Komu Nairobi KMTC Finance and Nicholas Ruto Principle Loitoktok KMTC campus.

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13 Sep
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On the 12th September 2023, a meeting was held at the UN headquarters in Gigiri with the World Health Organization (WHO), represented by Dr. Abdourahmane Diallo, the WHO Kenya representative, and the County Government led by H.E. Governor Joseph Ole Lenku, focused on various key areas of partnership, including strengthening cross-border surveillance, emergency preparedness, capacity building, and support for the upcoming El-nino rains. Additionally, they discussed establishing Primary Care Networks, addressing mental health policies, and the possibility of having a dedicated WHO Desk in Kajiado.

The Kajiado County Government, under the leadership of Governor, expressed their gratitude for the successful collaboration with WHO during a recent Oral Cholera Vaccination drive. The Department had recently exceeded their vaccination target by 104.2% showcasing the effectiveness of their partnership. Present at this meeting were Alex Kilowua, CEC Health Kajiado, along with the chief officers and directors of both Medical Services and Public Health amoung other senior government and WHO officials. They emphasized their commitment to addressing health challenges in the region and identified several thematic areas for potential collaboration with WHO. These areas include improving disease surveillance and emergency response, enhancing primary healthcare services, ensuring the availability of essential health products and technologies, capacity building for healthcare workers, and providing nutrition support during drought periods.

This visit to the UN headquarters underscores Kajiado County’s determination to work closely with WHO, represented by Dr. Abdourahmane Diallo and their dedicated team to enhance the health and well-being of its residents and effectively manage health-related challenges.

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12 Sep
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On September 8th, 2023, Mosiro Ward, situated in the remote Kajiado region, celebrated the inauguration of two new health facilities, marking a significant development brought about by Governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s administration. These new facilities, Oldepe and Embarbal dispensaries, ignited enthusiasm within the local communities as they envisioned improved access to healthcare services. The event was graced by key figures including Health Services CEC Member Alex Kilowua, Medical Services Chief Officer Kipapei Peloi, Public Health CO Wilson Taiyai, and area MCA Jonathan Koroine among other senior government officials from the health department, all of whom joined the local residents in celebrating this momentous occasion. Also present was former MCA Hon Peter Tirishe. Mr. Kilowua, emphasizing the importance of these facilities, highlighted that they would alleviate the burden on residents who previously had to travel to Mosiro Dispensary or Narok for healthcare services. The governor’s commitment to bringing essential services closer to the people was evident in his statement, reflecting their mission to ensure accessible healthcare, particularly in the arid and remote region of Mosiro.

With these new additions, Mosiro now boasts three health facilities, marking a significant milestone in improving healthcare accessibility for its residents.

This development is a testament to the dedication of Governor Joseph Ole Lenku’s administration to address the healthcare needs of the people in the remote Mosiro region. The establishment of Oldepe and Embarbal dispensaries not only brings healthcare services closer to the community but also signifies a crucial step towards enhancing the overall well-being of the residents. The presence of key officials such as Alex Kilowua, Kipapei Peloi, and Wilson Taiyai, alongside the support of local representatives like Jonathan Koroine, underscores the collaborative effort behind this achievement. Mr. Kilowua’s words resonate with the core mission of making healthcare accessible to all, a significant challenge in the challenging terrain of Mosiro. With these newly commissioned facilities, the region now possesses three health facilities, a remarkable accomplishment that promises to significantly improve the quality of life for the people of Mosiro by providing them with easier access to essential medical care.

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06 Sep
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  • Kajiado County was privileged to be part of the Vision Impact Project supported by – Christian Blind Mission (CBM) and Operation Eye Sight. VIP is being implemented in 7 counties across Kenya.
  • The project aims to reduce the prevalence of blindness and visual impairment through a multi-pronged approach which includes mass screening of the population, improving services at the county, sub-county and primary levels of health care.
  • Through support from the project, Kajiado County Referral Hospital now has a newly completed eye unit with state of the art equipment including fundus camera, visual field analyser and optical coherence tomography.
  • The support has seen an increase in human resource for eye health with trainings all the way from the primary level where 33 health workers have been trained in primary eye care to training of 5 health workers in eye related higher diploma courses.
  • The project has also supported procurement of medicines and supplies including cataract surgical kits
  • The ultimate aim of VIP is to have no one needlessly suffering from avoidable blindness or visual impairment

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03 Mar
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Department of Health- Scorecard 2017-2022

With health, being a key function of the devolved function & with desire to ensure that Health service are accessible, affordable, quality and equitable and client centered health services to all residents of the county the government embarked on a strategies, namely:

  • Equipping of new & existing healthcare facilities
  • Upgrade and expansion of  healthcare facilities
  • Universal Healthcare program (Mbuzi moja Afya bora initiative)
  • Completion of stalled & ongoing projects
  • Preventive care – public health
  • Strengthen the governance structures within the sector areas
  • Strengthening of nutrition coordination at all levels
  • Upscale immunization coverage for all under one.

Milestone Achieved in summary

DEPARTMENT Project / Program Achievements To-date Completed, Ready for Commissioning  Operational Ongoing projects in over 80%
Medical health, Public health & Sanitation Objective: To improve access to healthcare services    
Outcome: Increased access to healthcare services    
Newly started Dispensaries & Healthcare centres           34 21 13
Upgrade & Equipping projects 49 38 11
New Wards & Maternity Wings 9 9.0  
UHC(Mbuzi Moja Initiative) Over 24,400 households beneficiaries  
Public Toilets 7    


Upgrade of Kajiado County Referral Hospital to Level 5 Status

The County Government has upgraded Kajiado Referral Hospital to a Level 5 Status Hospital. Kajiado County residents will now be able to access specialized treatment at lower costs since referrals to other facilities are likely to reduce. In addition, Four Sub-county Hospitals, namely, Ngong, Loitokitok, Kitengela & Ongata Rongai were also upgraded to level 4 status hence handling patients who would have been referred to Kajiado or neighboring counties.

Human Resources

The County has recruited and deployed health workers among them specialists, medical officers, clinical officers, nurses, radiologists, pharmaceutical technicians, medical lab technologists among others. Doctors have been posted to Sub County hospitals and so far, each of these hospitals has at least three doctors where previously there was one or none at all.

  Cadre 2017 2022
1 Special Medical Consultants 3 16
2 Medical Officers 21 40
3 Dentists 0 8
4 Clinical Officers 70 130
5 Nurse’s (BSN Specialists, KRCHN/KRN, KECNH) 437 629
6 Nutritionists 29 60
7 Laboratory officers 54 78
8 Public Health officers 113 125
9 Physiotherapists 8 13
10 Health Administrative officers 0 11
11 Health Records & Information Management officers 19 28
12 Medical Engineers 3 8
13 Morticians & Mortuary attendants 0 4
14 Community Health Assistants 50 103
15 Community Health Volunteers 800 1932

Equipping comparative analysis

The county government has been able to equip the County referral hospital and Sub County hospital by installing modern equipment including MRI, St-Scan, digital x-rays, kidney dialysis machines, theaters and Intensive Care Units as part of the transformational agenda under HE Governor Joseph Ole Lenku.

  Equipment’s/Special Clinics 2017 2022
1 Intensive Care Unit ( ICU ) None 10
2 High Dependency Unit ( HDU ) None 9
3 Renal Equipment & bed dialysis machines None 6
4 6 Slice Computerized Tomography (CT-Scan) None 1
5 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) None 1
6 Mechanical Ventilators None 10
7 Cardiac Monitors None 10
8 Image Intensifier None  
9 Patient Doppler machine None 11
10 CPAP machine None 24
11 Blood bank refrigerator None 2
12 Platelet Agitator None 2
13 Blood bank cooler boxes None 6
14 Portable ultra sound machine None 13
15 Baby incubators 15 25
16 Caesarian section sets 9 25
17 Phototherapy machine 10 30
18 obstetric/delivery beds(modern) 4 40
19 Operating tables 3 5
20 Anesthetic machines 3 5
21 Patient monitors 3 20
22 Emergency carts/trolleys 5 20
23 Patient beds with mattresses 500 1660


For the first time since independence, Mashuru, Ngong and Ongata Rongai Sub County hospitals have theatre facilities installed by the County and can offer comprehensive obstetric care.

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18 Aug
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Kajiado County First Lady Edna Lenku in the company of H.E the Governor and other County First ladies have officially commissioned The Kajiado County Empower Cancer Clinic at The County Referral.  

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14 Aug
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The County Government of Kajiado wishes to inform you that we have enough vaccines in Kajiado County and the following are our vaccination sites:

Kajiado County Referral Hospital.

Oloitokitok Sub-county Hospital.

Kitengela Sub-county Hospital.

Ngong Sub-county Hospital.

Ongata Rongai Sub-county Hospital.

Magadi Company Hospital.

Namanga Health Center.

Ilbisil Health Center.

Mashuru Health Center.

Oltepesi Dispensary.

All vaccination sites are opened from 8am to 3pm. We are giving out 1st doses to all eligible groups and 2nd doses to those who received first dose previously.

FAQ: Which vaccine is being given?

We are giving out the AstraZeneca vaccine two doses, given 12 weeks apart.

FAQ: Vaccination time:

Vaccination will take place from 8a.m till 3pm

FAQ: Who can get the vaccine?

Front line health care providers to include both technical and non-technical health care providers, Critical services: Disciplined forces to include Military, Prison and police officers, Teaching and non-teaching staff from schools,

persons above 18 years with comorbidities (Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS and all forms of cancers) and Religious leaders.

All above 58 years of age.

FAQ: How much is the vaccine?

The vaccine is free to everyone.

FAQ: Where can i get my vaccination certificate?

Register and login to to get the vaccination certificate and to know your next vaccination date.

You can Register and login in your details on before you get to the vaccination site.


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23 Apr
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County Government shall continue to scale higher heights in advanced medical services to safeguard its people’s health.

It is with this regard the Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho commissioned a modern CT Scan at the Kajiado Referral Hospital that will save our patients long journey and high costs in seeking those services from farfetched places in health facilities.

Training is ongoing from experts to inculcate knowledge to our health staff to enable them to operate the machine.

This is a milestone in bringing health services and a great relief to the County residents. We shall soon start to offer Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services at the same hospital.

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11 Feb
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Less than a fortnight after Nurses in Kajiado returned to work after a strike, Clinical Officers from the County have this evening CALLED OFF their two months strike.

The decision was arrived at after a consultative meeting with the County’s administration.

The Clinical Officers went on strike on December 7 demanding a raft of benefits that included better allowances, promotions and supply of Personal Protective Equipment ( PPEs).

The strike had paralyzed services in several facilities forcing the Governor to rally the Department of Health Services to engage the Clinical Officers for an immediate return to work formula.

The fruits of the tough negotiations were evident today when the County Secretary Francis Sakuda, Health Services CEC Member Esther Somoire and the Kenya Union of Clinical Officers (ĶUCO) officials led by Kajiado Branch Chairman Victor Kuntai emerged from a meeting at the County Headquarters.

” We have hammered a favourable return to work formular which contained matters touching on working conditions, promotions, personal protective equipment and salaries,” said Mr Kuntai.

He added, “We thank the Governor and our Health Minister, Ms Somoire , for giving us a hearing and agreeing to address our grievances,”.

Kuntai then announced,” We have now called off the strike with immediate effect. We are instructing all the Clinical Officers to be back to work within the next 24 hours,”

On her part, Ms Somoire who was flanked by CS Sakuda and the County Attorney Augustine Sekeyian, announced the Officers’ January salary which had been withheld would be released.

“We shall also not victimize any officer who missed duty during the period of the go slow,” said the Health CECM

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