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18 Aug
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By H.E Joseph Ole Lenku,
Governor, Kajiado County

The rationale behind devolution as envisaged by the Constitution of Kenya (2010), was to
take services closer to the people and allowing them time
and space to chart their own development agenda.
Decentralization enabled counties
to identify problems, make policies,
enact legal frameworks, plan and
execute development plans agreed
upon in citizen participation.
Legislation and policy is another
area that counties have made great
strides. For instance, Kajiado is the
first County in Kenya to develop and
launch a robust policy designed to
end FGM at the community level. The
Facility Improvement Fund (FIF) is
established through legislation and
has greatly improved the running and
management of health facilities in the
Over the years before devolution,
policy makers far away in Nairobi formulated policies for places they knew
nothing about with the resultant consequence being that certain areas became more developed than others;
with some such as Kajiado and many
pastoralist regions, becoming marginalized. For the first time, since independence, citizens had a say in what
the Government wanted to do with
their taxes.
Devolution was therefore considered
the governance system that holds the
cure to this skewed allocation of resources and, by many accounts, it has
achieved quite a lot.
The gains of devolution dot every
corner of this country. In Kajiado,
for instance, some of the milestones
include the building and equipping of
health facilities closer to the people,
thus reducing logistical costs
associated with seeking medical
care far away. Specialized services
such as surgeries, cancer and kidney
treatments are available down there
at Sub County hospitals.
Previously impassable roads have
been upgraded and others tarmacked,
opening up initially inaccessible areas.
It was common for people to spend a
night on one side of a river at the onset
of rains. Some places, some endowed
with arable land, saw a grader as recently as five years ago.
Devolution has led to building of infrastructure for early childhood education facilities, which is solely the mandate of counties, setting up of feeding
programmes and the introduction of
bursary schemes which has proffered
a critical lifeline to children from poor
Because of devolution, counties have
increased the numbers of residents accessing clean drinking water closer to
their households. The land reforms,
normally a partnership with the Na

sands of land owners acquire title
deeds and valid allotment letters.
To elevate our urban centres and position them better for the emerging
economic opportunities that come
with devolution, we launched Kajiado,
Ngong and Kitengela municipalities.
Through the Municipalities, the government has increased investments in
our towns which has improved service
delivery, infrastructure and expanded
spaces for business.
Following a thorough process of consultation and wide citizen participation, we now have a clear vision for Kajiado County which can be realized
through a four-prong vision of; Modulated pastoralism, Livable towns, Climate proofed physical environment
and Equitable access to quality education.
Devolution has enabled us to re-organize government systems and programs aligning them to our legacy vision upon which my development
agenda is anchored on.
This Vision addresses the challenges
in our inevitable two faced county (the
rural and the urban) and seizes the
economic opportunities that accrue
from our economic diversity;
(I)Modulated pastoralism: This vision sets out to treat livestock keeping
not just as a cultural lifestyle but also
as a high yielding commercial enterprise. This will be achieved through
adoption of modern farming practices
which entail planting of high yielding
and drought resistant seeds and rearing of high quality breeds of livestock.
This will be capped by participating
in the agricultural and livestock value
chain to boost earnings at household
(II) Livable towns: The vision is dedicated to our rapidly growing urban
centres. It has an eye on improved
amenities and infrastructure to make
town life more habitable and comfortable. We recognized that towns are the
engines of our economic development
hence the need to improve their access
to water and good roads, proper waste
management and street lighting to
boosta 24 hour economy.
(III) Climate-proofed physical Environment: This vision seeks to address the impact of climate change
by conserving and restoring our environment which has been degraded through irresponsible human activities. It aims at greening the county
through tree planting. It also seeks to
protect water sources from encroachment so that our rivers can flow again.
(IV) Equitable access to quality
education: This vision safeguards the future of our children. It seeks to
create education opportunities for our
youth by exposing them to training
and skills that are aligned to the
demands of the fluid job market, both
locally and internationally. It further
seeks to build up a student population
who are job creators rather than job
seekers. We have already embarked
on various strategies to ensure this
legacy vision of a Transformed and
Sustainable Kajiado lives on upto 2027
and beyond.
I welcome all Kenyans of goodwill,
the National Government, the
donor community, both local and
international, to join me and the
people of Kajiado in realizing this life
changing vision.

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09 Aug
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Gender, Co-operatives, Culture,Tourism and Wildlife CEC Janet Sereu alongside Kajiado County Cooperative Officers today visited different groups from Kajiado Central; the Board of Oloilelai One Dairy Cooperative Society in Ilbisil culminating at Ng’atataek – Ilpaamu Dairy Cooperative in Matapato North with the aims to socioeconomically empower women and these cooperatives into tangible income generating activities.

According to Sereu, there is a need to connect these cooperative societies to the international market, facilitate women to undergo trainings to equip themselves with experience, knowledge and skills to excel independently. The CEC further emphasized on the need to support women and the cooperative societies to access the vast market for their authentic products locally and globally.

On long-term and short-term commitments to empower women, she reiterated on the need to have innovative policies initiated at the grassroot levels to identify, establish and secure accessible market stalls in trading centers and towns for women to make sales and close business deals.

There is no doubt that women are playing a key role in the socio-economic development of societies across Kenya. They are highly engaged in agriculture, small-scale industries, and other primary sectors in rural areas venturing into savings and credit services.

It is therefore essential to recognize women’s role in cooperatives and bring them into the mainstream of economic development and decision making processes.

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20 Jul
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Governor Joseph Ole Lenku kicked off the Human Resource Management Audit Exercise for all County staff today. Human resource audit (HRA) is responsible for identifying human resource problems that affect the human resource functions of an organization and improve organizational performance.
The launched exercise will help in verifying and evaluating the number of staff employed by the County Government, aligning their skill sets with the work requirements, and ultimately improving the overall service delivery to the people of Kajiado. Governor Lenku who led by example submitted all required documentation and became the first county employee to take part in the exercise.
The exercise is being conducted by the Institute of Human Resources Management (IHRM) through its consulting outfit the Human Resource Management Consultancy and Enterprise Services (HUREMCES). IHRM is a Statutory Professional Body established under the Human Resource Management Professionals (HRMP) Act No. 52 of 2012. The team of Sixty (60) adjunct Consultants is led by Catherine Mwangi, Wyclife Nyakina as lead Consultant and Mr. Amos Omollo the Chief Rapporteur.
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29 Jun
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Cabinet Reshuffle

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku witnesses swearing in of three CEC Members approved by the County Assembly yesterday; And then reshuffles his Cabinet as follows;

1. Alais Kisota: Finance, Economic Planning and ICT

2. Alex Kilowua: Medical Services and Public Health

3.Michael Semera: Roads , Public Works, Transport & Energy

4.Jeremiah Ole Ncharo: Education, Vocational Training , Youth and Sports

5.Jackton Achola: Agriculture,Livestock, Fisheries & Irrigation

6. Judy Pere: Public Service, Administration, Social Services,Citizen Participation& Inspectorate Services

7. Hamilton Parseina: Lands,Physical Planning, Urban Development,
Housing and Municipalities

8.Dr Leina Mpoke: Water,Environment and Natura Resources

9. Janet Sereu: Gender, Culture, Cooperatives, Tourism and Wildlife

10. Jackline Koin: Trade, Investments and Enterprise Development

11. Francis Sakuda: County Secretary

12. Augustine Sekeyian: County Attorney

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02 Mar
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The Scorecard 2017-2022

It is with great honor and pleasure that I share in this special space and time a reflection of the achievements we have jointly realized since assuming office August 2017. Over the past 4 and half years, my Government has embarked on a major delivery effort, which has involved aligning the Government agenda from political promises to action.

My administration scorecard is premised the functioning infrastructure – road networks, bridges, provision of clean, safe and sufficient water, construction of modern markets, construction of new dispensaries and installation of ultramodern multimillion hospital equipment in our referral hospitals, strengthening of extension services to farmers and other basic systems. In addition, my administration has identified and tackled some of the barriers to school attendance by enhancing funding to Early Childhood Development through infrastructure development and remuneration of ECDE teachers that form the foundation for education. The Expanded secondary school, University & tertiary college’s bursaries for the needy families as well us scholarships scheme was designed to invest in learners from the poor homes as one of the strategies of poverty eradication in the county.


As you will find in the scorecard, it is my hope that you the reader will be able to form a well- grounded opinion on the progress that we have made so far. My Government believes that even a good thing can be made better and hence we will collectively redouble our efforts towards this end. Once again, many thanks.

God Bless Kajiado County, God Bless Kenya
HE Joseph Ole Lenku, Governor Kajiado County.

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15 Jul
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Having considered the job losses and economic struggles being experienced by traders in the Bars and Restaurants sector, Governor Joseph Ole Lenku has announced a raft of changes that include waivers and increase in operational hours.

He has DIRECTED that;

(i) A 50 per cent waiver be effected of all the licenses payable to the Kajiado County Alcoholic Drinks Control by bars and restaurants for 2021/22 Financial Year

(ii) All the application fees payable to the County Alcoholic Drinks Control Board be suspended for the 2021/22 Financial Year.

(iii) Licences falling under the same department be harmonized and merged for ease of payment and administration.

(iv) The Kajiado County Alcoholic Drinks Control Act (2014), be amended to provide for board membership to include representatives of Bar and Restaurant Owners from each of the Sub Counties.

(V) Bars and Restaurants operate for two hours earlier within their respective working hours.

He said the move is meant to assist the business community in the Food and Entertainment Industry in their recovery process from the COVID 19 pandemic.

He added that it will also help them to retain their current staff and recall those who may have lost their jobs.

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04 Jun
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Expansion of the road network and opening up of highly populous estates in Kajiado North forms one of the items in Governor Lenku’s administration’s Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) programme.

To respond to the need for easy access of our shopping centres, H.E the Governor today launched the tarmacking of three roads in Kajiado North.

In Ongata Rongai, we are tarmacking the Cleanshelf ~ AIC~Saitoti Hospital~Nakeel ~Primary School Road; In Oloolua Ward, we are tarmacking the Juanco~ Ole Polos road while in Kiserian town, we are tarmacking the ring road around the new market which is under construction.

During the tour H.E the Governor assured Kajiado North residents that his list of priorities as promised is being addressed and soon the fruits of his commitment to change the landscape of this Sub County will be there for all to see.

Kiserian Market will soon be completed and host about 1,500 traders. H.E the Governor also launched the construction of a tarmac road around the market to make trading activities easier and attractive to motorists.

The market will be ready for occupation by August this year.

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26 Mar
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We are urging all members of the public and people of our beloved County to follow the newly issued guidelines by H.E. The President . Let us all work together to stop the spread of COVID 19. We realise that this third wave is to be taken very seriously. As we go through this lock-down, let us remember to check on one another.
Remember to always put on your Mask. Help save a life . If you see someone without a Mask, please don’t hesitate to help out if you have an extra new Mask.
# COVID19 IsReal
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01 Jul
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It  was a pleasure and honor for Kajiado County to host, as well as witness, the flagging off of newly recruited health personnel (through the partnership of UNDP and UN Volunteers (UNV) programme) deployed to 14 counties including Kajiado County as part of UNDP’s continued support towards the fight of COVID-19 in the Country. The volunteers bring a range of skills and experience that will boost the fight against COVID-19 at the County level.

This support is crucial considering human resource for health is a crucial component in the fight against corona virus. As a County , therefore urge all our development partners to also consider supporting us by targeting human resource development measures including offering trainings to our staff, supply of personal protective equipment’s (PPEs), and even send  their staff to the health sector among other areas of support.

In the last 24 hours, we have received 14 new positives for COVID-19 disease in the County (as reported by the Ministry of Health). We note that 8 of these cases (6 health workers from Kajiado Central and 2 cases from Kajiado East) were processed in Namanga and we had already captured their details in our report of 30th June 2020. This brings the total new additional cases for today to be 6 and the cumulative confirmed positive cases for the County at 241 with 6 deaths.

Out of the 6 positive cases, 5 are from Kajiado North (2 are health care workers working in private facilities in Nairobi County, 3 are residents of Ongata Rongai, Kiserian, and Ngong and were tested privately).

Kajiado Central had 1 positive case from Kajiado town and a contact of a previous case.

The cumulative positives in the county are now distributed as follows:

Kajiado Central 133

Kajiado South 29

Kajiado East 41

Kajiado North 36

Kajiado West 2

The total number of positive cases who have reported successful recoveries from our treatment centres remains at 141. All our positive cases are stable and receiving treatment at our isolation and treatment facilities with some being placed on home based care. Contact tracing is ongoing.

Once again we note with a lot of concern the rate of health worker infection is on an upward trend. We continue to appeal to our health workers, continuously and in an appropriate manner, to strictly use the provided personal protective equipment’s (PPEs) as you offer various services to the public and also to note that there are possibilities of community transmission out of the environs of our health facilities.

In the next few days, we are rolling out another phase of trainings and capacity building to our health workers as well as initiate a programme of regular testing. These trainings will be geared towards Infection Prevention and Control measures as well as case management.

At the same time, we continue to congratulate all our frontline health workers who have been working extremely hard, with heroism, dedication and selflessness. We most sincerely acknowledge your efforts and may God richly bless you.




Easther Somoire, OGW

CECM Medical Services and Public Health


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01 Jul
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Speech by H.E the Governor during the flagging off of 50 United Nations volunteers in support of the Kenyan Government’s National COVID 19 Response on July 1, 2020.

Devolution CAS, Hon. Abdul Bahari,

My colleague Governors and Deputy Governors present,

The United Nations family led by Resident Coordinator, Siddhart Chatterjee,

The UNDP Resident Representative, Walid Badawi,

My Brother, Devolution PS, Charles Sunkuli,

My sister, Health PS, Susan Mochache,

The County Assemblies Forum CEO, Judy Oduma,

Our Speaker, Hon Johnson Osoi.

Ladies and gentlemen;

I welcome you all to Kajiado County. Karibuni sana.

Bwana CAS: It is three and a half months now since our country’s index Covid-19 case was discovered in Ongata Rongai within my county. Also, for its unique geographical position, Kajiado remains the most of the high risk counties. We are sandwiched between our nation’s capital, Nairobi, the epi-centre of the spread of the virus, and a 700 km stretch of the Kenya-Tanzania boundary. Not only that, we border six other counties; Narok, Nakuru,Kiambu, Machakos, Makueni and Taita Taveta.

In a sense, therefore, we are the playground of cross border transmission. And it is so, both, locally and internationally.

Bwana CAS, therefore, it couldn’t have been more apt than to choose our county to be the launching pad of this important effort; an effort geared towards the fight against this marauding pandemic.

For us in Kajiado, we believe in a united front against this pandemic. I have had countless encounters and engagements with the Ministry of Health officials as we continue with this important war.

Therefore, today’s encounter with the Ministry of Devolution and ASALs is yet another indicator that this pandemic is not just a health matter. It is affecting our lives in so many ways that each and every one of us has a role to play to contain the virus.

Bwana CAS,

The tremendous negative impact of COVID 19 has effectively been devolved. The rising cases of intra-county, inter-county and inter-community transmissions clearly confirm that the virus is now with us; and is affecting our people’s lives in scales that we may take a while to recover from.

Seized of the dire need to set the pace in our preparedness to contain COVID 19, my Government has taken several measures:-

We have set up five isolation centres in our health facilities.

These are Kajiado Referral Hospital;

Kitengela Sub County Hospital; Ole Kasasi Health Centre; Namanga Health Centre and Oloitokitok Sub County Hospital.

We have set aside Ngong Sub County Hospital, Ng’atataek Health Centre and the KMTC Oloitokitok as COVID 19 Hospitals and Treatment Centres. In fact, health services that were being offered here have been referred to neighbouring facilities.

We now have 20 ICU beds in the county. Plans are under way to scale up this to 50 ICU beds.

We have just achieved the mandatory 300 beds capacity at our Isolation Centres. But owing to our unique situation as an emerging theatre of the virus transmission, we are set to have a total of 700 beds which are currently being made by our Vocational Training Centres(VTCs).

We have trained 720 health workers (or 60 %) of our health work force. We are looking for more support to train the remaining ones.

This pandemic has also re-awakened our creativity and innovation instincts.

To offer our people protective devices, our Vocational Training Centres started to manufacture face masks and sanitizers which we give free of charge to our residents. So far, we have made in excess of 100,000 masks and more than 5,000 litres of sanitizers.

Additionally, we have installed hand-washing facilities at all the main public places.

Ladies and gentlemen: This is just a snippet of what we have already done. We are doing much more on the ground going forward.

Bwana CAS,

The Health nightmare is not the only impact of COVID 19. We have experienced loss of livelihoods as the output of our economy shrinks.

Thousands of our people are now more food insecure than at any other time.

More than 30,000 households in my county are in dire need of relief food support. So far, we have only managed to assist 10,000 families.

My Government is implementing a digital food distribution programme. Let me tell you how it works.

The County Government through our national and county administrative grassroot structures identifies vulnerable cases. A specially generated PIN is sent to each beneficiary to their mobile phones via SMS. The message asks the beneficiary to present the PIN to a pre-selected retail outlet within a walking distance from their homes.

Meanwhile, the pre-selected retailer has an APP (M-Riziki) installed on his /her phone which is used to VERIFY the personal details of the beneficiary.

Once verified, the retailer hands over our pre-packed relief food hamper to the beneficiary.

This ICT-driven initiative, Bwana CAS, has the following benefits;

It reduces crowding and scramble for relief food in public places in this COVID 19 sensitive time.

It has restored the dignity of vulnerable people as they are not exposed to public ridicule when collecting food.

It has boosted the local economy as County Government buys relief food from local shops and pays immediately via MPESA.It has reduced logistical nightmares associated with physical food distribution.

It is highly accountable. Every transaction is digitally monitored and reported to the County Government’s back office system.

This digital distribution of relief food is working very well. I wish to invite our national and international friends to partner with us to reach more vulnerable households through this system.

Bwana CAS,

I wish to come to a close at this point. I look forward to receiving my county’s share of the UN Volunteers.

They are very welcome here and we look forward to working with them in the war against Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you very much. God bless you all.


Governor, Kajiado County.


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