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08 Apr
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Public participation forums kicked off today in several wards across the county. The high turn up rate by residents across the County conveyed in different ward level  to budget their ward allocation kitty. In these forums the attendance of chair- Kajiado municipality, COs and other officers from several departments, residents got to discuss, identify and prioritize projects to be undertaken by the county under their ward allocation kitty.

In a bid to beat the 30th April deadline for submission of County Budget Estimates to the Kajiado County Assembly for deliberation and approval, the County Executive kicked off its public participation exercise in earnest across the County.

In most County Wards, The Stakeholders from the County met with members of the public and deliberated on thematic areas of development cutting across the various departments of the County Government.

The Public also got to learn that the magnitude of the proposed projects always dictate the budgetary allocations. That the County Assembly is duty bound to fairly dispense and equitably allocate County resources for development across the wards.

Most complains from the public were reflected on the bureaucracy in the Procurement process at the County headquarters for the delays in project implementation. Issue with contractors for not involving the community and the leadership on the status of the projects in their localities was also mentioned.

Contractors engaged in County development projects have been put on notice to deliver results within the dictated terms or face immediate termination of their services.

The office of the controller of budget has also encouraged residents at the forums to be more proactive in validation exercises of the ongoing projects within their localities to ensure that they own the process and the completed projects once handed over to them. Budgetary provisions will also be made to conduct a feasibility study in most projects to ascertain their status.

Further, county departments have been challenged to institute stringent measures which should include formation of oversight committees to monitor and evaluate the projects to ensure that allocated public funds are utilized for the intended purposes. The Committees would thereafter submit their findings for possible termination of contracts and black listing of non performing firms.

The Public Participation exercise which is going on across the County in all wards ends of Friday is guided by the principle of reasonable access of information related to policy formulation and implementation. It is these that form the basis of approval of development projects and budgets and granting of permits and establish emend of specific performance standards as dictated in Chapter 87 of the County Government Act,2012.

Public participation forum in Kitengela Ward,Kajiado East.

Public participation forum in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado North

Public participation forum in Poka Kenyawa Ward,Kajiado East

Public participation forum in Dalalekutuk Ward, Kajiado Central

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27 Jun
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Kajiado County Assembly has passed the 2018/19 budget estimates of shs.9,514,040,462 as presented by the County Executive Committee in charge of finance, Michael Semera. The budget estimates is increased from Sh.6,234,157,864 in last financial year.
The County Assembly lauded the CEC finance for increasing the development budget from 30 percent to 34 percent for the purpose of improving the livelihoods of the people. Kajiado County Assembly Speaker, Hon. Johnson Osoi, said the budget had unique features that will go a long way in seeing larger population of Kajiado benefit.
“This budget has the public at heart with unique ways of addressing the various challenges like food scarcity and improving the development allocation upwards which is key,” said Hon. Johnson Osoi.
“We are scaling up food production to fight continuous famine in the County by introducing household agricultural production. We are also revamping livestock production by allocating sh.96million for the purpose of hay production, ” said Michael Semera, adding that the allocation for livestock pegged for sh26million will be used to support dairy farming across the County.
The CEC finance also said that to tap into local youth talent the government has allocated whooping sh.30million to help in completion of the Ngong Stadium. He said youth and women have also been allocated sh.15million for the purpose of supporting their economic ventures.
Semera assured the Assembly that revenue collection will be scaled to sh1.58billion.
“We call for efficient implementation and fairness in award of contracts, the companies considered need to be properly supervised and deliver as required for the sake of the people, that is what is considered development,” said Hon Moses Saoyo Kusero.
Hon. Onesmus Ngogoyo lauded the CEC finance for increasing the development allocation to 47 per cent up from 30 per cent.

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