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06 Mar
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Department of education- Scorecard 2017-2022

In line with The County Government’s desires to ensure provision of conducive environment for quality education and vocational training to address the low enrollment & retention at Early childhood and development (ECD) and low uptake (low enrollment) of vocational training, the county government through the department of Education, Youths & vocational training embarked on 5 critical strategies, namely:

  • Construction of modern EDC centers & upgrading of TVET facilities
  • Formulation & implementation of school feeding program
  • Employment  of qualified ECDE teachers/caregivers & polytechnic instructor’s
  • Reintroduced subsidized vocational trainings
  • Provision of school bursaries & full scholarships to needy students
  • Improvement of primary & secondary infrastructure

Milestones Achieved to- date

DEPARTMENT Project/Program Initiated project/ program 100% Complete & Ready for commissioning Ongoing projects
Education & Vocational Training, Culture & youths & Sports Objective: To Enhance access to Basic and Tertiary Education
Outcome: Enhanced access to basic and tertiary education
ECDE Classrooms 226 172 54
Bursary Beneficiaries 34,972    
Scholarships 430    
Dormitories 9 7 2
Laboratory & Administration office 6 6  
New Schools 3 3  
Dining Halls 3 3  
Construction of Social Halls      
Equipping of TVETS 5 5  

To boost the ECDE children enrollment rates, government through the department of Education has been able to;

  • Introduced school feeding program to all ECDE going kids
  • Employ over 600 ECD teachers on permanent and pensionable terms
  • Distribution of learning materials to all ECD school going kids.

Success Stories

These interventions have resulted in a tremendous increase in enrollment in ECDE where;

  • annual ECD enrollment has increased from 37,687 in 2017 to 43,005 as at 2022  
  • Reduced distance covered by ECD going kids to access education
  • Improved teacher-student ratio has advanced from 1:46 to 1:38

The First ever public school in Kitengela ward, Dr Ole Kimani Primary school in Kyang’ombe area in Kitengala ward has seen over 1,000 school going kids getting enrollment. At Isinya, Over 6,000 school going kids that used to study in a quarter acre piece of land are now able to enjoy their learning at Ole Lenku Primary school School who’s land was procured by the county government

To support 100% transition policy by the national government, County government  has been able to construct a number dormitory, Dining halls & Administration blocks.

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03 Apr
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Construction works in progress for the the Kyangombe Primary School in Kitengela Ward. The project is expected to be ready as per the plans. Education is key for everyone.

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25 Mar
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The county government of Kajiado through the department of Education and Vocational Training has commenced a County initiative for equipping schools with tents and tanks.
The event was presided over by the Deputy Governor H.E. Martin Moshisho , CECM Education Jeremiah Ole Ncharo, CO Education Samson Parashina and other Education stakeholders
The initiative will see a Secondary School per Sub County receive a 100 seater tent while one Primary School from each of our 25 Wards will benefit with a water tank from the Emergency kitty under the Deputy Governor office.
Moshisho encouraged the School Heads to install and harvest water for use by the pupils when they resume School
He further took the opportunity to wish the KCSE candidates the best of luck as they start their Exams.
With such an initiative, it’s a great hope a step towards confronting the third wave of Covid-19.
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17 Feb
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H.E the Deputy Governor has officially opened a new dormitory and dining hall for Kisaju Dipak secondary school that was built in partnership with Zenith Steel limited.

Speaking during the occasion he thanked Zenith Steel for their partnership and support. “We welcome other companies through Corporate Social responsibility to partner with us to develop Kajiado and advance conducive business environments” said Moshisho.

Kajiado County Government will continue to partner with all the private and public to ensure we better the lives of our people.

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23 Oct
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Forty students from Olkejuado High School are set to benefit from a one of a kind work mentorship program fronted by the County Government through the Department of Education and Vocational Training.
The one week program will see students, most of them in their formative years of secondary education, attached to various county departments in line with their career aspirations to have a feel of the work environment as they learn from and interact with the professionals on the jobs.
Speaking in his office as he hosted the students during the launch of the mentorship program, Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho praised the school head for adopting such an impactful initiative that will breed future leaders and professionals through mentorship.
He said the government is keen on ensuring transformative and competency based skills and such initiatives are bound to change the lives of the students once they complete their attachment and school later on.
“By embracing such mentorship programs we are moulding all rounded youth and future leaders capable of transforming our society,” he remarked.
Moshisho said it was commendable that the interns already had career aspirations and promised to ensure that they are accommodated in the relevant departments to have a feel of awhat their careers are all about.
He asked them to maintain discipline at all times to be able to succeed in their careers.
On his part Education CS Jeremiah Ncharo said mentorship programs outside the school environment should be encouraged to enable students appreciate work and life after school.
He said the students will benefit from observing professional at work and urged them to be open minded to learn the demands of their choice careers while on internship.
“ You are the people who will take up the positions in the county government once we retire; this can only happen if you are disciplined and focused,” challenged Seki.
His sentiments were shared by the County Secretary, Samuel Seki who urged the interns to be proactive in asking questions and learn within the one week period they interact with county officers:
According to James Pasianny, the school principal, the ongoing mentorship
program sets aside the one week mandatory attachment in a work environment to give the students a feel of their careers in a work setup. He said once complete the students will will graduate early next year having been empowered through this process.
“We considered mentorship in the County Government as opposed to private organizations because we believe we have the best professionals working here,” he said.
It is expected that during their one week mentorship, the students will intern in key county departments such as Health, Engineering, Accounts, Roads and Public Works, Administration among others.
The program dubbed Olkejuado Leaders League (OLL) in partnership with the County government is seeking to train and empower future leaders

Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho and Olkejuado High School students during the launch of the mentorship program

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23 Oct
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All leaders from all walks of life;
Our friends and Development Partners;
Distinguished people of Kajiado;
Ladies and Gentlemen:
We gather here to celebrate Mashujaa Day, a time dedicated to honoring and recognizing the heroes and heroines who brought us to where we are today.
Some of these mashujaa paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving up their lives in securing the freedoms we cherish. Kenya, and Kajiado, have a long history filled with many great names that we show honor and respect to during this time of remembrance and celebration.
In cherished memory, we reflect on these men and women, their accomplishments as well as the sacrifices they made. For example, recently, in Kajiado, just nearby in Kisaju, we had a ‘state’ burial of the most celebrated of our recent heroes, Mzee Daniel Kasirimo Ole Muyaa, the long serving Chairman of Olkejuado County Council.

Here, we witness a patriot who sacrificed his comfort in service to his people and his country. The county honoring him in this way was to recognize that he never laboured in vain. We shall remain perpetually grateful to those who went before us for their effort and contribution to create a more vibrant and prosperous Kajiado. It is our desire that we leave Kajiado a better place then we found it.
Mzee Ole Muyaa was a friend, a father and my personal advisor who I meet with so often.

He always advised me on the importance of unity and leaders working together to create a conducive environment for prosperity and sound development for posterity. This is my appeal to my fellow leaders that we listen and take to heart his words and honor of this departed hero.
Therefore, allow me, with a lot of humility, and respect for his family who are with us here, to request that we stand for a minute of silence in honour of the departed great son of the Maa nation – Mzee Ole Muyaa!
Ashe oleng! Thank you!

Ladies and gentlemen:
On the Monday of October 20th, 1952, that is 67 years ago, a very dark ‘cloud’ of suppression descended upon our nation. The British foreign rule declared a state of emergency on our land; and they started an operation to forcefully arrest and prosecute Mzee Kenyatta and other African leaders of our freedom struggle.

True, many of us, in this generation, were not there, then. But we know that our leaders paid heavily, some paid the ultimate price of losing their lives, for our sake; they were jailed so that we can be free; they fought for us to enjoy peace today.
Out of their struggle, came our freedom; and out of their pain and loss, came our gain!

A few emotions excite us more than those of the events of the Mashujaa Day we are celebrating now. This is because our heroes of freedom sacrificed their all; they waged a long and bloody war to secure our freedoms and liberties.

Indeed, there are few people in our history who stood firmer and braver in the spirit of courage, unity and sacrifice than Mashujaa wetu wa uhuru.

From the villages of Lari, the ominous detention camps of Manyani, the cold caves of the Aberdares to the thick bushes of the foothills of the majestic Mt. Kenya, our heroes refused to budge and accept a foreigner to decide our destiny.

Therefore, every time we meet, like this, to celebrate Mashujaa Day we affirm the historical reality that our freedom today was not given; was not granted freely. It came through the sweat and blood of selfless patriots of our great land.

Hence, this is a time that requires a reflection to our heritage, a re-evaluation of today’s challenges and a vision for a healthier future!

This moment is, equally, a reminder to reaffirm our commitment, our dedication, to the ideals for which these fighters stood for and were ready to die, if necessary! This commitment should find its expression in our present courage, unity and sacrifices in meeting the aspirations of this generation to determine their destiny.

The unity of purpose of the freedom heroes serves as a sterling example for us, the Maa nation. Part of our common tradition, from Narok to Kajiado, Laikipia to Samburu, Baringo to Nakuru, is courage and facing challenges in our natural environment decidedly.

Therefore, as we celebrate Mashujaa Day, this year, this time, this day, provides one crucial moment we cannot afford to lose; the Maa moment; the Maa turning point.
However, our history of clannism and division serves as a warning to us that united we stand, divided we fall! It wasn’t smooth sailing for our heroes and heroines of freedom; it won’t be smooth sailing for us either. But I know, for sure, it is doable! Day by day, one by one, we will continue with what our freedom champions began.

My people, the Maa unity is not only rooted in our shared warrior tradition but, also, in our openness to live and work together with the rest of Kenya. Our Post-independence heroes, some with mixed pedigree, affirms our commitment to unity and coexistence with our neighbours and friends.

Outstanding amongst these heroes are Hon. Stanley Shapashina Ololoitiptip, Hon. Godfrey Kimoisa Ole Kipury (our first senator), Hon. William Ronkorua Ole Ntimama, Hon. John Keen and Major (Rtd) Joseph Nkaiserry who served where we are as Member of Parliament and Interior Cabinet Secretary. We are proud as a community to have offered this great nation not one, but two vice presidents: Hon. Joseph Zuzarte Murumbi and Hon. George Musengi Saitoti.

Therefore, I can stand here today certain that our great community will continue to put forth more strong leaders for our country.

At the same time, they will remain the symbol of tolerance and accommodation to other Kenyans, regardless of their ethnicity.

We, the locals and those who have joined us from elsewhere, we are united, in diversity, by a common aspiration for a peaceful county and a progressive nation. I say to you our friends that let this be your destination of choice for a brighter future! Kajiado is a land of promise; the ‘Canaan’ of sorts across the Athi River.

Ladies and gentlemen:
It is only when we join hands in unity of purpose in our environment that we can truly celebrate our Mashujaa here in Kajiado. This land produced great men and women and we need a long time to enumerate their achievements.

For example, on the wake of our independence, when the country needed the first African director of medical services as the Europeans for which it was discriminatively reserved for hitherto were leaving, it was our own son, Dr. Jason Likimani, who filled in the void. At the time, few if any, Kenyans had had any meaningful medical training.
He was a trail blazer and an outstanding example to our youth today that the Maa are, equally, up to it in education and training.

In similar efforts, we cannot forget Mama Zipporah Senterua, the earliest of the nurses in Kajiado who helped to lay the foundation of modern hospital nursing in our county.

Just a few days ago, President Kenyatta noticed the contribution of Mzee Moiyiae Nkaka Ole Kurrarru who gave us the great gift of water by donating his land which provides free access to the source of the Kimuka/Saikeri/Oloisho-Oibor water Pipeline.

Further, for tens of hundreds of years, our warriors, bound by culture and history, bravely roamed unmatched, in skill and tactic, in the Great Rift Valley of Eastern Africa. Our reputation is unrivaled in this region.

As we remember the fallen mashujaa who had to heroically battle foreign empires, brandishing weapons of war and fighting for their lives to bring forward the Kenya we hold dear, today we have new giants, new heroes, who make our nation to shine.

Because of our hard earned freedom we can now fight on a global scale for greater and more peaceful things: for the glory of human achievement. Today, we have new heroes to look up to, heroes who fight not in the forest and caves but who run on the roads of Europe to the cheering crowds made up of citizens from around the world; today we honor a new hero, a sporting champion, Eliud Kipchoge who we stand in solidarity with; his resilience was as admirable as it was inspirational. We salute his unyielding determination and those of our Maa athletics heroes, David Rudisha and Billy Konchellah before him.

Away from the international scenes, it is not lost on us, at all, that the struggles of everyday people, today, bespeak of the same courage, same determination, that has dotted our land for years.
I think of that herdsman, in the dry Torosei, who has to cover hundreds of kilometers daily to feed his flock; I think of that mother with his baby strapped on the back in rural Lenkisim going out daily to look for food and water for her family; I think of that teacher in Meto who goes out of her way to drive illiteracy out of our community; I think of that relentless kiosk vendor in Isinya and Ngong who wakes up at 5 o’clock in the morning, every day, to earn a honesty living.
From the deepest depth of my heart, I pay homage to these gallant men and women of Kajiado, who are part and parcel of our efforts to develop this great county. We respect you; we appreciate you! You are the reason I wake up every morning with the hope that today and tomorrow will be better than yesterday. It is this hope that I give you as we press on and remain steady in our goal of keeping Kajiado raising in the best and worst of times!

In this celebratory mood though we are not unmindful of the current disturbing situation that our land can hardly feed us!
This threatens to negate the spirit of access to food and land that our freedom heroes dreamt of. Owing to our failures of the past, land utilization, adjudication and disposal has a lot of room for improvement. We have so much potential and its harnessing only depends on solving problems revolving around land.

Consequently, this has left the County Government with no option but to balance the interests of all stakeholders through the implementation of the County Spatial Plan.

The plan seeks to safeguard both the local community and investors against land cartels that have descended on our county leaving behind sad tales of loss and agony, if not crippling poverty! It clearly delineates separate lands for pastoralism, human settlement, industries and business.

Ladies and gentlemen: The fact that so many of us in rural Kajiado still face pangs of hunger in our everyday lives, is a glaring reminder that the freedom, and the dignity our forebears painstakingly fought for, is yet to be fully achieved.

This has brought a new sense of purpose to my administration.
Not only is food security an integral part of my government’s priorities, but the dire need to empower our people economically through strategic agribusiness ventures is, now, a matter top priority.

It is clear to us that farming is not an option in view of diminishing land size and increasing populations. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than around Selenkei/Olkeriai River, the Nolturesh Belt, and the Nkuruman Escarpment and the plains served by the newly found Kimuka/Saikeri/Oloisho-Oibor Pipeline.

We desire to empower our people to do the farming themselves as opposed to just leasing their land. I have formed an inter-departmental action plan group bringing together the Agriculture, Cooperatives, Irrigation and Public Works departments to develop a food security empowerment concept paper for Cabinet and County Assembly approval to enable budgetary consideration.

We are also working to protect and strengthen the business opportunities for our urban centres.

As part of our efforts, we have invested a great deal of resources into building markets in our towns to take care of ever growing urban population. This lot, as in the case of the rural farmers mentioned above, have my government’s support so that together we can build a more equitable society and create a better tomorrow.

We are witnessing some individuals working against the spirit of Kajiado. By diverting our rivers to private fams, securing a water source for personal gains against community interests, is a selfish behavior and greed that will not go unaddressed. Recently, we found out that this is happening around Nolturesh River. Nolturesh must flow to its final destination as it did in the days of our heroes. Similarly, those in our urban centres diverting raw sewage into storm water drainage systems will equally be punished. Their greed that pollutes our environment and endangers our lives will not be allowed to continue. As Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian Nationalist leader observed, the world has enough for all of us, but not enough for our greed.

Conclusion :
Our independence heroes, whose efforts we are celebrating today, fought for the ideals of fairness and justice; they fought for access to opportunities by everyday Kenyans ; they fought for good health care for all, good education for our children and self-sufficiency in food.
The Maa nation made a miss-step by not embracing modern education. On the other hand, the fight to reclaim land was an independence struggle ideal. But we, the Maa, went the self-defeating direction of selling land. Further, our negative clan allegiance goes contrary to the call to cohension and national unity, very well articulated in our constitution. Cummulatively, we are at the verge of losing our voice !
It is time to retract our steps ! As our great fallen hero, Dedan Kimathi, said, “It is better to die on our feet than live on our knees.” The Maa nation is at a crossroads.
Therefore, we need to reclaim our lost glory ; correct the malaise of illiteracy ; stop the reckless disposal of our land and embrace one another in unity of purpose. This will enable us to play our rightful role in national politics as our heroes we enumerated above did.
No price is too high for me to pay in pursuit of this just path ; our voice must be heard.
Our contribution to our nation must be selfless, much in keeping with our freedom struggle heroes, whom we are celebrating today.
I pledge my utter obedience to this cause and I promise the people of Kajiado that I am committed to progress that is beneficial to all of us because I am guided by the spirit of being stronger, together
Thank you !God bless Kajiado ; God bless Kenya !



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18 Sep
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6000 beneficiaries from Kajiado have received their bursary cheques in the second phase of disbursement of Sh40M funds from the allocated County bursary kitty for this year.

During the cheque issuance ceremony at KCB Grounds, Kajiado HE Joseph Lenku said gone are the days that children in the County could not access education due to historical inhibitions like famine, drought and retrogressive cultural practices.“My government is determined to ensure that the children of this generation do not go through literacy challenges like their parents did” said Lenku.

He further added that the upward trajectory on bursary allocation, currently at Sh150M is a testimony to his resolve towards the betterment of the education in the County.

The Governor further said the sector based infrastructure developments and the emphasis on TIVETS in skills training are bound to address the gaps in tertiary education especially for out of school youth.

He asked school heads to be tolerant and desist from sending away children from school due to unpaid school fees occasioned by delayed bursary funds. Lenku also promised to pursue provisions for inclusion of special interest groups in bursary awards in the next financial year.“The County will continue to build on gains and develop ingenious ways of fostering development to make our people’s lives more bearable,” he said.

Education CEC Jeremiah Ncharo was emphatic about the milestones in the education sector including enhanced budgets for bursary, human resource and infrastructure developments. He however noted that most beneficiaries of the bursaries were seeking education opportunities outside the County. “The level education and performance has greatly improved and I believe our schools can match the performance levels of other established ones in the country,” he said.

He advised that the quality of education in County schools is adequate and urged parents to consider retaining their children in County schools rather than seeking education elsewhere based on perceptions.

Imaroro Ward MCA, Amos Peshut also took issue with the trend of bursary beneficiaries seeking education outside the County. “Let the local schools shine and have our learners come back home because we are channeling money to other Counties and doubling their development trend instead of our own,” said Peshut.

Nominated MCA Hon. Patricia Mbaaria who is the Vice Chair of Education committee assured residents of Kajiado that the County Assembly will continue to make sound legislations that will ensure that all learners benefit regardless of their location.“As your representatives we are committed to push for policies that will ensure that our children access education opportunities regardless of where they are, “she said.

Teachers were also asked to be proactive in liaising with their Ward Offices in selecting needy cases within their schools to access bursary funds. Nkaimurunya Ward MCA, James Waichanguru equally advised head teachers to be tolerant and not chase away students due to bursary delays.

His sentiments were echoed by MCA Samuel Teum (Kajiado) who impressed upon teachers to forward details of bright and needy case students who require sponsorship to get ahead with their education.“We expect you to note these students because you interact with them on a daily basis. These students need full support and it’s upon you to bring them to us (Ward Office) ,” he said.

It is expected that 10,000 more bright and needy students will benefit from the next Financial Year’s boosted allocation of Sh150M bursary funds. 81% of this year’s total budget was disbursed to Secondary schools beneficiaries with 10% and 9% going to Tertiary and Universities.

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10 May
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Kajiado County Government plans to increase its budgetary allocation for bursaries to Ksh100M in the next financial year. This follows a cabinet decision to adjust the kitty to meet the ever increasing demand for educational opportunities by the residents most of whom cannot affords fees to access secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

Martin Moshisho, Kajiado Deputy Governor made this revelation during a cheque issuance ceremony to mark the bursary week at Kajiado town. “So far Ksh40M of the total Ksh. 80M for the Financial year has been disbursed to the beneficiaries so far and we hope that in the coming financial year we can allocate Ksh100M and a further Ksh150M in the following year,” said Moshisho.

He stressed on the importance of education in spurring development in a largely pastoral community and the urged parents to encourage their girls to pursue education opportunities at all levels.Moshisho also observed that 80% of the bursary beneficiaries were students pursuing their education in schools outside the County. He said this trend can be reversed if all education stakeholders work together to improve the standards of education in County day and boarding schools.

“ I am not discouraging parents from taking their children to their choice schools but I believe that if we put our house in order and offer quality education, our schools are capable of competing in equal footing with others outside the County,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by CEC Education, Jeremiah Ole Ncharo who asked for collaboration between parents and education professionals in seeking ways to improve the learning environments in county schools.“Stakeholders in the education sector need to act fast to improve the performance of our County schools so as to attract and retain our children “ he said.Ncharo further implored upon school heads to create a culture of transparency by posting the list of bursary beneficiaries on bulletin boards at their schools to avoid speculations and suspicion from members of the public over the whole process.

Speaking at the same function Ewuaso Onkidong’i MCA Justus Ngossor assured parents of the full backing of the County Assembly in pushing for more budgetary allocation for bursary funds to benefit more children in the Wards.“We are here to articulate your concerns at the County Assembly. We will support as long as you share with us your vision,” said Ngossor.The legislator exuded confidence in the officers within the department of education terming them professionals who are fully aware of the challenges of the education system. Ngossor who is also the Chair of the County Assembly Education Committee further urged the head teachers to work closely with their leaders to ensure progression in the their institutions.

Members of County Assembly, Ministry of Education officials and other local leaders were also present at the occasion.

The week long exercise which started off in Kiserian, Kajiado West will be replicated in all constituencies and climax on Saturday in Loitokitok, Kajiado South.

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06 May
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Education is one of the key pillars in H.E Joseph Ole Lenku’s manifesto. The County government under the leadership of the Governor has committed itself to ensure children from needy families are accorded the opportunity to pursue academic Excellency through timely issuance of bursaries.

H.E the Deputy Governor was accompanied by CEC Education Jeremiah Ole Ncharo, the County Assembly Education committee led by the chairman Hon Justus Ngossor and Education stakeholders during the launch of the Kajiado County Bursary week for Kajiado West in Kiserian.“As a county we are increasing our bursary allocation to ensure we reach out to more student who are in need” Moshisho assured the residents.

The Bursary will be disbursed to various schools as from tomorrow across the entire County.

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16 Mar
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H.E. Joseph Lenku commissioned a new class block and four ultra-modern dormitories with a capacity of two hundred students at The Namelok Vocational Training Institute. The institution has for the longest time experienced low student intake ratios and it is hoped that once completed, the dormitory will accommodate more students with an unprecedented intake of more than two hundred students set for May this year. Among these will be beneficiaries of the Vijana Tujiajiri Programme; a paid partnership between the County Government of Kajiado and The KCB Foundation that seeks to empower and equip needy and out of school youth with technical skills that will enable them to pursue self-employment opportunities.

During the function, the Governor also inspected the ongoing works at the practical’s workshop and revealed that Ksh16M had been set aside by The County Government to equip the new workshop once completed. He said empowerment of the youth through skills training was one of his administration’s key development pursuits in line with the Big Four Agenda on manufacturing, job creation and youth empowerment.

“The youth are taking over leadership roles in the County and we need to empower them through technical skills training and critical thinking,” said Lenku.

At the same time, The Governor challenged the youth to seek admission to technical institutions and pursue skills-based trainings in diverse fields such as electrical engineering, fashion, design, beauty therapy and masonry just to mention but a few.

“Technical skills training will not only mold learners to settle for employment upon graduation but empower them and offer them opportunities to be employers through startup businesses,’’ he added.

Lenku also challenged stakeholders in the education sector to tailor make course content with due regards to the needs of the localities in which the technical skills will be used.

In its current state, the Namelok Vocational Training Institute accommodates a mere seventy students and over the years has had to turn back students during enrolment due improper and insufficient infrastructure.

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