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13 Dec
By: CGK 0


Nominees to the County Public Service Board have been sworn in today marking the beginning of their six year term after the term of previous Board elapsed late last month.
The five new Members were sworn in by Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi in the presence of the HE Joseph Lenku, his Deputy Martin Moshisho, The County Assembly Speaker Johnson Osoi, Senior County Officers, MCAs among others.
Speaking during the swearing in ceremony in Kajiado, Lenku lauded the working relationship between the County Assembly and Executive in delivering the Board adding that it was clear that the institutions are getting stronger by showing their commitment In upholding the rule of law and justice.
He said his rallying call for many years has been for the people of Kajiado County to live in peace with each other despite their ethnic differences.  He implored on the new Board  to exercise fairness in execution of their duties so that all residents regardless of tribe or clan affiliations are accommodated in matters to do with public service.
“ l call upon The Board through the Chairman to ensure that all residents feel at home and each clan is given fair consideration so that no one feels sidelined, discriminated or even favored,” Lenku advised.
His Deputy Martin Moshisho asked the Board Members to work tirelessly without favor towards realizing the elaborate vision set out by the Governor for the benefit of the people of Kajiado.
“ We can achieve a lot  through a shared vision. The board will be important in steering the County’s vision,” he said.
Speaker Johnson Osoi intimated that during the vetting exercise, the County Assembly scrutinized the character of the nominees and  questioned their commitment to the values enshrined in The Constitution of Kenya including those of Chapter Six on Leadership and Integrity. Most he said enthused their wish to work without prejudice.
Osoi implored upon the Board Members to rise above partisan politics and clanism and carry out their duties independently as mandated.
“ The Public Service can either bring down a government or make it vibrant; once you get it right, we will be right as a government,” he remarked.
His sentiments were echoed by County Assembly Majority Leader, Julius Moipaai who assured members of public of the competency of the nominees who he said had undergone thorough vetting by MCAs at The County Assembly.
“ We (County Assembly) commit to work with the Governor to ensure an efficient public service that will meet the needs of the people,”
he revealed.
The second County Public Service Board will take up its duties after the term of the previous one elapsed following six years of service to the people. Members of the Board include George Latema (Chairman) Justus Nkaru,Wilson Musenyi, Jackson Sempetter and Jacinta Waititu. They join another member ,Purity Sein, earlier nominated and Moses Semera (Secretary) whose term has not yet expired.