Name: Katanga Ole Lenini

Board Position: Board Chair

Education: Bachelor of Divinity from St. Pauls’s


Experience: Elected as Bishop of ACK Diocese of Kajiado

since 2011. Has acquired local and international

leadership skills in his position.












Name: Cynthis Lasoi Suyianka

Board Position: Chair – Grievance Redress, Citizen

Fora & Gender Mainstreaming Committee.

Education: Diploma in Education & Counseling (Early

Childhood Education & Development) From Kenya

Methodist University.

Experience: A teacher by profession. Has taught for

more than ten years in Kajiado County. Has more

than seven years working with and for communities

in development projects within Kajiado.












Name: Titus Parsanka Letela

Board Position: Chair – Finance,

Education: Bachelor of Science from Jomo

Kenyatta University

Experience: Has wealth experience in Finance

and administration.










Name: Josephin Sopiato Makooi

Board Position: Chair – Administration, Human

Resource,& General Purpose Committee

Education: Bachelor of Education (Arts) from The

East African University

Experience: Has experience in leadership and

administrative skills acquired while working with

the community.












Name: Gidraph Njoroge Kang’ara

Board Position: Member

Education: Diploma in Development Studies from

Rural Aid Kenya Training Institute

Experience: Has leadership skills acquired while

working as an elected Counsellor under the

defunct Local Authority Administration in the

former Urban Council of Kajiado.














Name: Elizabeth Repeson Pateli

Board Position: Chair – Audit, Risk & Governance


Education: Diploma in Community Health and

HIV/AIDS Management

Experience: Has experience in research work

with Soma Africa on Maasai culture. Served as a

Chair at Kajiado West Constituency CDF Committee

for 3 years and as a health worker at the Kajiado

Referral Hospital.












Name: Juma Mutunkei Mohammed

Board Position: Chair- Technical, Climate

Change& Sustainability Committee

Education: Master of Science, Agricultural

Resource Management from The University of


Experience: Agricultural Officer for over 30 years.

Member of the Intersectoral Forum on

Agribiodiversity and Agroecology (ISFAA),

member of Society of Crop Agribusiness Advisors

of Kenya (SOCAA) and Kenya Society for

Agricultural Professionals (KESAP) an an

Agricultural Value Consultant