• Environment Officers posted to Sub Counties for improved service delivery including enhanced garbage collection and aesthetics in all towns.
  • Acquisition of a specialized self-loading truck for efficient garbage collection in Kajiado North and parts of Kajiado West
  • Routine maintenance of dump sites and their access roads which have remained open even during rainy seasons e.g Ngong and Kitengela dumpsites.
  • Over 150,000 tree seedlings planted county wide through donations to institutions, planting in county forests and public parks. This was also made possible through public private partnerships.
  • Forestry devolved functions taken*** by signing of TIPS from county forestry office to county department of environment
  • Delineation of boundaries and afforestation of water towers e.g the Entarara forest which we have planted 20000 tree seedlings and recruited forest guards to deter encroachment.
  • Compliance on sand harvesting regulations to conserve river line ecosystems and access roads through ban on overloading.
  • Partnerships on waste management plans e.g City of Umea in Sweden, Danish Environment Protection Agency
  • Illegal charcoal production drastically by banning the trade and concerted efforts with other agencies like KFS to enforce the directive.


  • Inadequate specialized truck and other tools for garbage collection but we have budgeted for one additional truck and equipment in the next financial year
  • Low coverage on waste management in small towns due to limited number of garbage collection truck but in the process of relocating of one truck from Kajiado North to specifically serve Isinya and Kisaju towns.
  • Low awareness on sanitation in rural set up but from next financial year Women and youth groups to be engaged in small towns as a means of empowering them whle enhancing cleanliness and stakeholder awareness in rural centres.
  • Low compliance with regulations due to lack of enforcement officers in the department but we have discussed with Public service on need for Enforcement Officers to be attached to enforce environmental regulations

The following bills will be presented to the County Assembly within the next two months to help streamline and regulate Environmental laws for a clean and healthy environment as well as sustainable use of natural resources in the County.

  • County Environment Management Bill
  • County Sand Policy
  • County Charcoal policy
  • County Environment Action Plan

The department in collaboration with the Italian Agency for Development
Corporation (IADC) is constructing a waste management facility at Ngong with a view of decommissioning the current dumpsite which has become a challenge to operate due to proximity to residential area. The feasibility study is at an advanced stage with the outcome expected within the next month.

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