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Trade, Tourism and Industrialization
Florence Ndunge-CECM Trade, Tourism and Industrialization

Florence Ndunge-CECM Trade, Tourism and Industrialization

Our vision

Transform Kajiado into a middle income County in line with goals of vision 2030 and to Improve the livelihood of the people of Kajiado County by implementing comprehensive enterprise development programs.

The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industrialization has the responsibility of ensuring that the economy of Kajiado County grows to improve the livelihoods of Kajiado citizenry. We can’t achieve this in isolation, hence the need for practical strategies to attract Private, Public, Local, International, Individual and Corporate investors to take advantage of our developed a comprehensive investment Policy that gives all the guidelines in relation to investment in Kajiado County. Below are the objectives we envision to achieve as we grow our economy.

The Tourism Sector shall endeavor to:-

  1. Map out all the tourist attraction sites and conservancies,
  2. Develop Information, Education and Communication materials as a promotional tool both locally and internationally
  3. Develop mechanisms that will strengthen our connectivity to other Counties and the beach, and
  4. Tailor make our tourism products to appeal to domestic tourists.

Trade Sector shall focus on:-

  1. Promoting and enhancing fair trade practices by ensuring that adequate legislation is in place,
  2. Ensuring that programs of capacity building aimed at growing and graduating our MSMEs are in place,
  3. Promoting value addition to all our products,
  4. Penetrating and expanding the market segment, and
  5. Encouraging our entrepreneurs to participate in local and international trade fairs.

Co-operatives and Industrialization Sector shall:-

  1. Revive the dormant Co-operative Societies,
  2. Nurture our co-operative societies with a view to growing them to attain vibrancy and graduate into viable enterprises,
  3. Promote environmental conservation activities within the Co-operative movement,
  4. Advocate for industrial zones within the County,
  5. Promote growth and development of Cottage Industries,
  6. Establish an audit model that will promote auditing of our Co-operative Societies using best practices under the Supervision of our skilled County Members of Staff.

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