a)    Design and documentation of roads, transport and public works projects

b)   Implementation, supervision and quality assuarance of roads, transport and public works projects.

c)    Management and the promotion of efficient and sustainable use of the counties transport assets.

d)   Refurbishment, construction and management of public housing and offices

e)    Approval of building plans, inspection and issuance of certificate of occupation for private buildings

f)     Slum prevention and upgrading.

g)    Firefighting and disaster preparedness.


  1. Support to the county ministries in the preparation of  tender documents (Bills of Quantities and drawings) that were used to procure public works projects.
  2. Supervision of the construction of the following works :
    • Opening up, grading and gravelling of 63 Roads (1100 Kms ) Gravel done to 500kms.
    • Grading of existing roads.
    • The use of gabions for road edge protection works and for the reclamation of gullied road sections.
    • Seventy one (71) ECD classrooms
    • Four (4)Dormitories
    • Eighteen (18) Sanitation facilities.
    • One bedroom staff houses- 4 No.
    • Computer laboratories – 5no. polytechnics
    • Five (5) Outpatient department blocks
    • Renovation of  ten (10) classrooms.
    • High mast lighting to improve security – 7No.
  3. Provided office space for County Executive and Assembly.
  4. With the collaboration of other county departments, identified roads, transport and public works projects for future.
  5. With survey and planning department, identified structures encroaching on road reserves in major towns for purposes of demolition.

Serviced one fire engine and is in good condition for service delivery.


To be a world class provider of cost effective physical infrastructural facilities and services.


To provide efficient, affordable and reliable infrastructure for sustainable economic growth and development through construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of all infrastructural facilities.

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