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Public Service, Administration and Citizen Participation
Nancy Gathaiya

Nancy Gathaiya, CECM in charge


To be an efficient and effective public service provider to the residents and stakeholders of Kajiado county in a participatory manner.


To provide public service to enhance improved standards of living within the county.


Provision of services in a professional courteous and respectful manner to all residents.

List of Programmes


  • –          Managed to Recruit all the current chief officers (12 in number)
  • –          Recruited 5 Sub-County Administrators
  • –          Recruited 5 Revenue Officers
  • –          Recruited 6 Financial Directors
  • –          Recruited 1 HR Manager
  • –          Recruited 1 Payrol manager
  • –          Recruited 60 Enforcement Officer – Enganged to start work in the next fiscal year (2014-2015)
  • –          Recruited 30 Drivers – Enganged to start work in the next fiscal year (2014-2015)
  • –          Recruited 1 County Communication director
  • –          Recruited 1 Senior Accountant
  •    County Board is in the process of Hiring  Ward administrators
  •    Advertisement for County Legal Officer has been Rolled out – (as at June 26th 2014)
  •    Board is checking t see that the county wage bill is at a manageable and sustainable rate.

Trainning and Development

  •  Induction of all recruited personnel
  • At least Three training Session have been undertaken by the CECM, this training took place in the Kenya School of Governance.
  • Workshop for CECM in view of Building their capacity and orientation to their work
  • Two CECM have Attended Trainning on
  1. Results oriented management
  2. Public Sector Performance Management
  • Chief Officers
  1. 1 week inductions
  2. Workshops ( a numbers of them)
  3. Plans still underway to keep building  their capacity
  •  Sub County Administrators
  1. Induction is on course
  2. More Trainning to occur
  • Finance Team
  1. Trainned on  Re-Engineering IFBI


  1. A staff of 1080 employees was absorbed from the central government and are now within the county government since January 2014
  2. Payroll is now run via the county departments, this includes all the 1080 employees.
  3. The statutory Deductions for all the civil servants for the county are up to date, Previous backlog has been handled.(Payments to Laptrust,NHIF,NSSF,Sacco’s)
  4. New Employees Definition by use of the Personal Numbers have been completed allowing the county to avoid payments by use of Cash and Vouchers signing
  5. Buiding of all Structures for the ministries – a chosen consultancy is working on the job descriptions and the organization chart.
  6. Drafting of the Human Resource Bundle and its policies i.e leave policies etc
  7. Creating of  a checklist for Joiners
  8. Creating for  a checklist for leavers


  1. Drafting of the Human Resource Bundle and its policies i.e leave policies etc
  2. Creating of  a checklist for Joiners
  3. Creating for  a checklist for leavers
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