We have confirmed 574 ECD teachers who were on contract basis into permanent and
pensionable terms last year December, i.e. under 100 days since I assumed office. We have not
only confirmed their terms of service, but we have also improved their remunerations and we
endeavor to improve even further.
You all remember that on my inaugural speech, I promised that every employee of the CG shall
be on individual performance contracts that contribute to team, facility, division and
departmental score cards. We have started this journey and the consultant is on the ground
setting all the systems and come July this year when we shall be starting the FY2018-19, we
shall roll out the performance system. Sensitization meetings are ongoing to prepare all staff
psychologically for this very exercise.
Also, I promised to increase allocation of resources to update staff knowledge and skills to
acceptable professional standards and ensure requisite efficiency and effectiveness. To this end,
we have started the exercise of Human Resource Audit and Skills gap analysis. This is a
comprehensive training needs and skills gap analysis at the Department and individual levels
with a view of;
 Identifying cadre-specific skills, knowledge and gaps and determine number of staff that
require training to perform their tasks;
 Establish the current and desired skills in leadership and management;
 Determine priority trainings for all staff;
 Establish number of staff at the County who require short course trainings in the priority

Citizen participation is among the priorities of my Governments pillars of development. The county government is putting in place citizen participation policies, systems and guidelines and put budgets in place so that citizens can effectively participate in the determination of priority development programs that positively affect them. Effective Citizen Participation structures at
the village, ward, sub-county and county levels have also been put in place for effective citizen participation.

Citizens are involved in analyzing development problems, prioritizing
development programs, budgeting, implementation and evaluation of implemented projects to foster transparency, accountability and learning and promote sustainability. So far we have held various public participation forums for budget, county integrated development plan( CIDP) county dialogue forums on devolution experience, we have also held general public forums( one on one with wanainchi) in ngong Kajiado west and Kajiado central.

We also involve all groups of people in our forums including people with disabilities so that they cannot be left behind in development.

My government is putting in place county inspectorate policies to enhance revenue collection and enforce county laws. I have also allocated more resources for the county inspectorate of which have resulted in drastic improvement in revenue collection for the few months I have been in office. Current recruitment of 37 Inspectorate officers is ongoing and is aimed at revamping
the directorate. In this regard my Government has already recruited a Director to head the
Inspectorate Service.

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To be an efficient and effective public service provider to the residents and stakeholders of Kajiado county in a participatory manner.


To provide public service to enhance improved standards of living within the county.

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