Strategic Objectives

  • Planning of towns and markets;

To guide development and achieve orderly developments

  •   Mapping and survey of townships:

To determine the limits of urban areas and minimize on encroachment on agricultural land

  • Adjudication of group ranches:

To provide security of land tenure

  •  Environmental protection:

To inhibit degeneration and depletion of critical resources and make settlements habitable

Departmental Downloads

To be a well planned and environmentally friendly County, ample to population needs through sustainable land use and management

To provide sound and effective framework for sustainable land use and eco-friendly environment



– Formulate policies concerning land survey and mapping within the county
– Development of Geographical information systems for the county
– To produce and maintain survey plans of property in support of both land registration and general development
– Ground determination of locations
– Resolve boundary conflicts
– Accuracy in mapping
– Providing data for spatial planning
– Provide a basis for resource evaluation, exploitation and effective distribution

– Improved technology in mapping, through nstallation of GIS lab with mapping softwares and Aerial mapping of the towns.
– Resolution of boundary disputes between communities/group ranches,
i) Osilalei vs Eselenkei group ranch of adjudication section outstanding since registration
ii) Osilalei vs Dalalekutuk boundary of adjudication sections
iii) Elangata wuas vs Ildamat adjudication section,
– Modern data storage facilities and information
– Changing production of proper mapping for major towns through validation process
– Roads survey and opening in Kitemgela in readiness for construction

– Preparation of trading centres physical development plans including county spatial plans, local physical development plans, land use zoning plans.
– Development control and enforcement of physical planning standards
– Development of physical planning standards , guidelines and policies
– Arbitration and conflicts resolutions on matters of physical planning in the county
– Feasibility study on matters concerning appropriate use of land
– Advisory role on all matters of physical planning in the county like extension of land use and extension of leases

– County spatial plan ongoing
– Local physical development plans like Noonkopirr, Illasit, Kiserian, Embulbul, Ongata rongai/Kware
– Land use zoning plans , all registration sections like Isinya,Kajiado, Kitengela corridor
– Part development plans for various public utilities

– Mapping urban Boundaries
– Planning for urban space
– Identify support infrastructure for urban development
– Present priority areas of planning
– Inform future development and investments

– Urban integrated plan
– Thematic plans on
 Drainage
 Waste management
 Connectivity

 Housing
– Defined urban boundaries

– Efficient administration of allocated plots within trading centres and public utilities
– Efficient storage of public titles and documentation
– Efficient storage of duplicate allocation letters
– Formulate policies on land ownership, registration of plots transactions

– Digitized lands records
– Design and production of new generation tamper proof letters of allotment
– Design and implement registry work flow system
– Reduce turn around time on service delivery
– Install security system in the registry including cctv, biometric entry /access system
– Reduced multiple plot ownership
– Resolution conflict mechanism on ownership
– Secure ownership of property and validation of plots
– Ease of investment on urban areas.

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