The Department of Health Services is headed by the County Executive Committee Member Mr. Alex Kilowua and two chief officers , Mr. Wilson Tayiai in charge of public health and Kintalel Pelo incharge of Medical services. It is made up of three sections that include ;Medical Services, Clinical Services and  Administration.

The department has several directors and their Deputies


The department is mandated to provide quality healthcare to the residents through efficient and effective healthcare services that are affordable and accessible.


  • Eliminate communicable conditions in the county until they are not a major public health concern.
  • Halt and reverse rising burden on non-communicable conditions by providing preventive and management programs.
  • Reduce burden of violence and injuries by reducing morbidity and mortalities arising from violence and injuries.
  • Provide essential health services by ensuring services are affordable, equitable, accessible and responsive to the residents of Kajiado County.
  • Minimize exposure to health risk factors by strengthening health promotion in the county.

Strengthen collaboration with health related sectors by adopting a health in all related sectors policies approach

Budgetary allocation includes de velopment and recurrent combined

This year alone, we had 1.3bn for salaries, 325 million for development, and about Ksh 400million for operations and maintenance. Kindly note operations and maintenance includes supplies and other utilities. This indicates limited funding within the health sector.

Projects Progress

  • Total
  • Complete
  • Ongoing

Key Milestones Achieved

Service Delivery

  • The hospital has a fully equipped Renal Unit and has started to offer dialysis services to patients (MES Project).
  • The main hospital has an ongoing ultra modern maternity unit.
  • The pediatric ward is now operational and the laboratory equipped.
  • The radiology and two theatres are now fully equipped.
  • Plans are underway for a County Store and to upgrade the facility into a teaching and referral hospital
  • Construction of Maternal and Child Health Block and renovation of a mortuary are now complete and are set to be equipped in the coming financial year.
  • Also fully equipped are the Radiology section, Theatre, and the CSSD unit (MES Project) as well as the laboratory, laundry, and maternity.
  • Renovations and equipping are underway
  • Plans are underway to fully upgrade the hospital into level 4 standards
  • The laboratory and stores are now expanded.
  • In partnership with national government, we have put up two theatres and sixty bed capacity wards.
  • Procurement of equipment’s ongoing.
  • Plans are underway to fully upgrade the hospital to a fully fledged level 4 hospital
  • Upgraded to level 4, by operationalizing the theatre, opening of the inpatient and equipping of various departments in partnership with  Korean aid agency (KOICA).
  • In partnership with KOICA, Community Health Systems strengthening is ongoing
  • This facility serves a large and rapidly growing population in Kajiado North Sub County.
  • We have constructed a maternity, Theatre, perimeter wall, a mortuary and renovated old buildings.
  • A sixty-bed ward at the facility is underway and additional staff houses.
  • The  laboratory and the maternity ward are fully equipped.
  • The facility is in the process of being upgraded to level 4.
  • The facility is now operational
  • The facility has maternity wing, Inpatient wing, general outpatient wing, and staff house
  • Fencing works are underway
  • New Maternities have been constructed at Njukini, Illasit, Rongai Health Centre, and olekasasi health centres
  • Laboratories have been initiated in Olekasasi, Matasia, Kimana, Mile 46, and Enkorika Health Centres and are at different stages of completion
  • Mortuary services will soon be introduced to Rongai Health Centre
  • Several other upgrading works have been undertaken at Namanga Health Centre, Kimana and Mashuuru Health centre
  • Several equipment’s and other works have been undertaken in 16 Health centres
  • Number of dispensaries increased from 71 to 98
  • Among the 27 newly initiated new dispensaries, Matasia Health Center,-Enkisukudo Dispensary, Nentonai Dispensary, Olchorro dispensary, Kimah dispensary, eluanata dispensary,  Loolakir Health centre,  Kisharu, Kiloh dispensary, and Kumpa Dispensary are fully operational
  • Meshenani Dispensary, Enkoireroi Dispensary, Oloilalei dispensary, Emurkeya dispensary, Koora dispensary,  Lempei Dispensary,  Kalesirua Dispensary,  Olmerrui  dispensary,  Esarunoto dispensary,   Ewagan Health Centre,  Impiron dispensary,  Lemongo dispensary,  Enkii dispensary,  Loolepo dispensary,  Moilo dispensary,   ilmotio dispensary,  embarbal dispensary, Oldepe dispensary,  Gataka Dispensary, Isara dispensary,  and Ilpatimaro dispensary are at different stages of completion
  • Mashuru Health Center, Ngatataek Health Center
    In partnership with KOICA, the department has established 40 community units and increased outreaches.
  • New maternity wings have been done at Gataka dispensary, Oloosirkon, Ereteti, Oloolua, Emumwenyi, Oldorko, Prison dispensary, and Olgulului maternity and are different stages of completion
  • County government has undertaken rehabilitation of burnt down dispensary at olooloilero and started new construction works for condemned Ekong Narok dispensary- works at different stages of completion
  • County Government undertook to complete former stalled CDF projects such as Oldepe, Emurkeya, and Megumi dispensaries
  • County Government partnered with other stakeholders to complete and renovate several dispensaries such as Kisharu, Nentonai dispensary, and Oloyiankalani dispensary

Health Statistics

  • Immunization against Preventable Diseases
  • Anti-Natal Care 4th Visit
  • Delivery in Health Facilities
  • Family Planning Uptake
  • The department has continued to focus on completing projects that had either stalled or had taken quite some time to complete. The health facilities are at advanced stages and are almost complete. Examples of ongoing projects are Upgrading and equipping of Kajiado County Referral Hospital Maternity wing, upgrading and equipping of Loitokitok sub county hospital, and Upgrading and equipping of Ngong Hospital.
  • In partnership with KOICA, Kitengela hospital has been upgraded and equipped. My government has continued to invest on completion of various projects being undertaken in various Health Centres and Dispensaries.
    Key milestone in strengthening our referral services will be acquisition of
    modern MRI and CT Scan machines for Kajiado & Loitokitok Hospitals which is at procurement. We are also in the process of acquiring 5 new ambulances and 20 motorbikes from our partners.
    The department has also distributed medical equipment’s to various health facilities across the county.
  • The Department of Health has continued to enhance financing of health
    sector. This is a big challenge facing the department. The Department is
    focusing on Universal Health Care to improve availability of funds to the
    health facility and has on this month launched the NHIF drive which will
    ensure all our residents access services without the risk of incurring
    catastrophic expenditure.

The Department has engaged 72 Nurses on contract and engaged 5 more
consultants to address this major challenge. There has also been
rationalization in terms of staff deployment to ensure equitable services in our
health facilities.
The department plans to recruit 100 health staff who will be deployed to
various health facilities across the county.

To improve on this, the department has started the process of constructing a
warehouse to address the current challenge of drug shortage in our health
facilities. There has also been consistent procurement of commodities, staff
training, and use of information technology in ordering and monitoring

The Department has just gazetted new boards for all the main Hospitals and
election for committees for primary health facilities is ongoing. There has also
been strong partnership with our partners whose support has really

strengthened service delivery in hard to reach areas. Through the support of
partners, the chair persons and treasurers of health facility management
committees have been trained on their roles to improve governance.

The Department through support of ICT Department has linked all our main
hospitals to internet and landline telephones. This has improved communication
and report transmission. We have also acquired new ICT equipment’s such as
computers and laptops to improve service delivery.

Through our partners, we were able to do a Nutrition Survey, this has informed
our interaction in the health sector especially in areas of drought that causes
acute malnutrition especially for the under-fives.

(i) Health Care Services Bill to address the challenges of health care financing
and improve service delivery at the facility level.
(ii) Community Health Services Bill to address the challenges faced at Level 1
(Community level) especially the management of volunteers.
(iii) County Health bill to address general health especially management and
oversight at the facility level.
(iv) Public Health and Sanitation Bill to address general environmental health and
sanitation services across the County.

A prosperous and globally competitive county free from preventable diseases.

To promote the provision of sustainable, accessible, quality and equitable health care that is evidence based, technology driven and client centered to all the people of Kajiado County.



  • Kajiado County Referral Hospital upgrading is in progress, the maternal unit is almost complete, other works at procurement stage.
     The radiology unit expansion is in progress.
     Renal unit is now operational.
     Water provision improved, through provision of fresh water
  •  Ngong Hospital-
     Theatre and wards complete.
     Other completion works are ongoing.
     Water Provision for the hospital.
     Equipment already procured, waiting supplier to deliver
  • Ongata Rongai
     Upgrading and equipping works are ongoing.
  • Loitokitok Hospital
     Renovation Works ongoing
     MCH is now complete and will be equipped.
  • Kajiado West

 Plans to Complete Ewuaso Kedong Health Centre are underway

  • Sewerage Project
    Feasibility study is underway

Planned Activities

  • Kajiado County Teaching and Referral Hospital
  • 18 facilities have been identified and targeted for upgrading to provide a higher level of care
  • Establishment of Community Health Units within all sub counties
  • Upscaling rural and urban sanitation coverage
  • Develop a functional sewerage system for our major towns
  • Completion of all stalled/ incomplete health projects

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Yesterday H.E the Governor spared some time to inspect the progress of the construction of Ngong Sub County Hospital’s ultra modern maternity facility. It is incredible to see the dedication to improving healthcare within the community.

The county government’s commitment to quality healthcare extends to all aspects of life. He also had the privilege of commissioning the Ngong Funeral Home.

This is a big relief to residents of Kajiado North and West who have to go to Nairobi for funeral services.















To achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Kajiado County, there is a need to invest more in community health services and top-level primary health care facilities.
Today I received a team from Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) lead by the Board Chairperson Joseph Cheruiyot and the C.E.O Dr.Kelly Oluoch that paid me a courtesy call. In our meeting we discussed the need of working towards a collaboration between KMTC and Kajiado County in an effort to enhance healthcare education and service delivery.

The County Government have set aside land for the construction of a medical school adjacent to the County Referral Hospital, a task that KMTC has expressed commitment in our discussion.

Also present in our discussion is Ronald Wasike KMTC Academic Registrar, Joseph Wahome Principal Nairobi Campus, Kelvin Komu Nairobi KMTC Finance and Nicholas Ruto Principle Loitoktok KMTC campus.