• Eliminate communicable conditions in the county until they are not a major public health concern.
  • Halt and reverse rising burden on non-communicable conditions by providing preventive and management programs.
  • Reduce burden of violence and injuries by reducing morbidity and mortalities arising from violence and injuries.
  • Provide essential health services by ensuring services are affordable, equitable, accessible and responsive to the residents of Kajiado County.
  • Minimize exposure to health risk factors by strengthening health promotion in the county.

Strengthen collaboration with health related sectors by adopting a health in all related sectors policies approach

Budgetary allocation includes development and recurrent combined

This year alone, we had 1.3bn for salaries, 325 million for development, and about Ksh 400million for operations and maintenance. Kindly note operations and maintenance includes supplies and other utilities. This indicates limited funding within the health sector.

Health Statistics

  • Immunization against Preventable Diseases
  • Anti-Natal Care 4th Visit
  • Delivery in Health Facilities
  • Family Planning Uptake

Milestones Achieved

  • The hospital has a fully equipped Renal Unit and has started to offer dialysis services to patients (MES Project).
  • The main hospital has an ongoing ultra modern maternity unit.
  • The pediatric ward is now operational and the laboratory equipped.
  • The radiology and two theatres are now fully equipped.
  • Plans are underway for a County Store and to upgrade the facility into a teaching and referral hospital
  • Construction of Maternal and Child Health Block and renovation of a mortuary are now complete and are set to be equipped in the coming financial year.
  • Also fully equipped are the Radiology section, Theatre, and the CSSD unit (MES Project) as well as the laboratory, laundry, and maternity.
  • Renovations and equipping are underway
  • Plans are underway to fully upgrade the hospital into level 4 standards
  • The laboratory and stores are now expanded.
  • In partnership with national government, we have put up two theatres and sixty bed capacity wards.
  • Procurement of equipment’s ongoing.
  • Plans are underway to fully upgrade the hospital to a fully fledged level 4 hospital
  • Upgraded to level 4, by operationalizing the theatre, opening of the inpatient and equipping of various departments in partnership with  Korean aid agency (KOICA).
  • In partnership with KOICA, Community Health Systems strengthening is ongoing
  • This facility serves a large and rapidly growing population in Kajiado North Sub County.
  • We have constructed a maternity, Theatre, perimeter wall, a mortuary and renovated old buildings.
  • A sixty-bed ward at the facility is underway and additional staff houses.
  • The  laboratory and the maternity ward are fully equipped.
  • The facility is in the process of being upgraded to level 4.
  • The facility is now operational
  • The facility has maternity wing, Inpatient wing, general outpatient wing, and staff house
  • Fencing works are underway
  • New Maternities have been constructed at Njukini, Illasit, Rongai Health Centre, and olekasasi health centres
  • Laboratories have been initiated in Olekasasi, Matasia, Kimana, Mile 46, and Enkorika Health Centres and are at different stages of completion
  • Mortuary services will soon be introduced to Rongai Health Centre
  • Several other upgrading works have been undertaken at Namanga Health Centre, Kimana and Mashuuru Health centre
  • Several equipment’s and other works have been undertaken in 16 Health centres
  • Number of dispensaries increased from 71 to 98
  • Among the 27 newly initiated new dispensaries, Olchorro dispensary, Kimah dispensary, eluanata dispensary,  Loolakir Health centre,  Kisharu, Kiloh dispensary, and Kumpa Dispensary are fully operational
  • Meshenani Dispensary, Enkoireroi Dispensary, Oloilalei dispensary, Emurkeya dispensary, Koora dispensary,  Lempei Dispensary,  Kalesirua Dispensary,  Olmerrui  dispensary,  Esarunoto dispensary,   Ewagan Health Centre,  Impiron dispensary,  Lemongo dispensary,  Enkii dispensary,  Loolepo dispensary,  Moilo dispensary,   ilmotio dispensary,  embarbal dispensary, Oldepe dispensary,  Gataka Dispensary, Isara dispensary,  and Ilpatimaro dispensary are at different stages of completion
  • New maternity wings have been done at Gataka dispensary, Oloosirkon, Ereteti, Oloolua, Emumwenyi, Oldorko, Prison dispensary, and Olgulului maternity and are different stages of completion
  • County government has undertaken rehabilitation of burnt down dispensary at olooloilero and started new construction works for condemned Ekong Narok dispensary- works at different stages of completion
  • County Government undertook to complete former stalled CDF projects such as Oldepe, Emurkeya, and Megumi dispensaries
  • County Government partnered with other stakeholders to complete and renovate several dispensaries such as Kisharu, Nentonai dispensary, and Oloyiankalani dispensary

A prosperous and globally competitive county free from preventable diseases.

To promote the provision of sustainable, accessible, quality and equitable health care that is evidence based, technology driven and client centered to all the people of Kajiado County.


Planned Activities

  • Kajiado County Teaching and Referral Hospital
  • 18 facilities have been identified and targeted for upgrading to provide a higher level of care
  • Establishment of Community Health Units within all sub counties
  • Upscaling rural and urban sanitation coverage
  • Develop a functional sewerage system for our major towns
  • Completion of all stalled/ incomplete health projects

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