The department of Education and vocational training is one of the departments/ministries of the Kajiado county government led by the honourable County Executive committee member (CECM) Mr. Samuel Seki. The department has two major sections, Early Child Hood education and Vocational training


Overall Goal

Raise Literacy Level within the County from 65.2 to 70%

Immediate Objectives

  1. Increase enrolment from current 56% to 70%; by carrying out Intensive community sensitization on the importance of education, campaigning against negative cultural practices, Enforce children’s Act and mobilization of funds to improve schools’ infrastructure.
  2. Improve retention rate from 47% to 60% by re-introduce school feeding programme; and Support WASH programme.
  • Improve transition rate to 75% by improving the quality of education through training of teachers on emerging education strategies, provision of bursary to needy students and provision of curriculum books to teachers and learners.




The County Government of Kajiado takes cognizance of Pre-Primary Education as a crucial foundation stage for primary education, character formation and lifelong learning.


This is in line with the constitution of Kenya 2010, Article 43 which guarantees every person the right to education while Article 53 provide free and compulsory basic education to all children, basic nutrition, shelter and health care.

The fourth schedule Articles 185 (2) 186 (1) and 187 (2) mandates County Government to oversee Pre-Primary Education (PPE) and childcare facilities (CCF).

Pre-Primary Education provide opportunities for children to enhance their cognitive, social and spiritual, emotional and physical development. Children who participate in quality and relevant pre-primary education programmes are better prepared for primary education. It also reduces repetition in schools, dropout rates and increased learning achievements.


Towards the realisation of the department mandate, the Government has successfully implemented various interventions in the last financial year 2017/2018 which includes;

  1. Employment of 593 ECD teachers on permanent terms.
  2. Provision of health/ nutritional services to all ECD centres which incorporates access to growth, monitoring and promotion, immunization and referral services. School feeding programme was also introduced where fortified meal (porridge) was given to all ECD centres. The county procured and distributed to schools 145,200 kiligrammes of fortified porridge flour worth Kshs 20, 328,000. His excellency the governor flagged off the first consignment on 28th February 2018 in public function at ————– This has proved to be a major tool to not only improving the health of our children but also boost attendance and retention of Kids in our ECD centres. A survey carried by the department showed an increase in enrolment of ……% attributed to the “Uji” programme
  3. Building- ECD classrooms to create and enhance a friendly learning environment, while taking care of the furniture’s in the classrooms especially the chairs which are appropriate for use by both male and female learners.
  4. Supporting the training of 420 ECD teachers to enhance quality and learning.
  5. The County has set up a bursary kitty for needy students from poor families admitted in secondary schools, middle level colleges and universities. In the year under review the county Disbursed bursary worth kshs 80,000,000 to ————— needy children in the wards.
  6. The department also undertakes routine assessment and inspection of teachers to ensure quality standards are adhered to.


Vocational training programme.

Vocational training is the other aspect of education that has been devolved to counties in schedule 10 of the Kenyan constitution 2010. Vocational training is aimed at providing basic technical skills to out-of-school youth who did not achieve enough marks to earn them places in middle level colleges or universities.


The county has 8 vocational training centres (VTCs) all over its area of jurisdiction namely Olekasasi in the North sub-county, Isinya in the East sub-county, Meto in Central sub-county,  Oltiasika and Namelok in South sub-county and Entasopia in the west sub-countyVTCs.

In the period under review, the county constructed a new VTCs at Saikeri in the West Sub-county. It also rehabilitated Namelok, Isinya and Olekasasi VTCs which were in a bad state of disrepair.

The County also partnered with the Kenya Commercial Bank to co-sponsor 1000 youths to pursue technical courses in various VTCs under a programme dubbed the “Vijana Tujiajiri” programme. The County contributed Kenya shillings fifty million (Kshs 50,000,000) and the KCB put up a similar amount to fund the programme. Apart from paying tuition fees to these youths the programme also has an element of business mentorship and a model of provision of loans for start-up capital to enable them start off their own enterprises.

Way forward

In 2018/2019 the departments intends to do start and complete the following community projects contained in the budget in various wards as follows:

1 Paranae Primary School Construction of an ECDE Centre                7,000,000.00 100%
2 Esokota Primary school Construction of an ECDE Centre                7,000,000.00
3 Olobelibeli Primary School Construction of ECDE Centre and equipping                9,500,000.00
4 Orinie primary school Construction of ECDE Centre and equipping                9,500,000.00
5 Nkoile primary school Construction of ECDE centre                9,000,000.00
6 Letoire primary school Completion of ECDE Classes                4,000,000.00
7 Olepolos ECDE centre Construction                6,000,000.00
8 Ongata Rongai Nakeel Primary Equipping the ECD into consideration of the physically challenged children                   600,000.00
9 Oloolua ECDE centre Completion of Oloolua ECD                3,000,000.00
10 Olgurmaek ECDE construction of 2 classrooms                3,000,000.00
11 Oloyiapasei ECDE. construction of 2 classrooms                3,000,000.00
12 Orarait ECDE. construction of 1 classroom.                1,500,000.00
13 Grants for youth polytechinic Development of YP              40,345,000.00
14 Kajiado town library Construction and Equipping, Consultancy fee of 12M included                5,000,000.00
15 Youth polytechnic development Upgrading and equipping              15,000,000.00
16 Oloitokitok H.S Construction              10,000,000.00
17 Olkejuado H.S Construction of dining hall and and drilling of borehole              25,000,000.00
18 Nkiito Sec School -Laboratory Construction                5,000,000.00
19 Kajiado Technical University Construction              30,000,000.00
  Sub Total            193,445,000.00


A globally competitive education, training and research and innovation system for sustainable development.velopment.


To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training, integration of science, technology and innovation for sustainable development

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