The County Treasury is tasked to ensure efficient collection, budgeting and utilization of financial resources.


Departments in County Treasury

• Procurement

• Finance

• Revenue

• Audit

• Budget

• Economic & Planning

Roles of County Treasury

Monitor, evaluate and oversee the management of Public Finances and economic affairs of the County Government including:-

  1. Developing and implementing Financial and Economic Policies in the County
  2. Preparing annual budgets and execution.
  3. Advising County Government entities, the county Executive Committee and County Assembly on Financial matters.
  4. Ensuring proper management and control of and accounting for finances of the County Government and its entities in order to promote efficient and effective use of County budgetary resources.

The County Government of Kajiado has many resources and income generating activities from its vibrant townships namely Kajiado, Namanga, Sultan Hamud, Oloitokitok, Kitengela, Ngong, Kiserian and Ongata Rongai. Resources range from cess collection, quarry royalties, advertisements, business permits, property rents and rates, barter market fees, mining permits, parking fees and other miscellaneous income.

To efficiently manage revenue collection, the County has been using LAIFOMS system (Local Authorities Integrated Financial Operation Management System). Plans are underway to connect all division headquarters to access remote server at the headquarters for real-time operations through a Wide Area Network connectivity.


The Finance Ministry has been on the forefront in mobilizing all its stakeholders to an all- inclusive and consultative budgeting process for the best realization of its mandate through development of achievable targets and cash plans.


The County Government of Kajiado was one of the pioneer counties to fully implement the IFMIS System which is basically an expenditure module to ensure transparent utilization of the budgeted funds. It is connected to the Central Bank and all payments are wired to client’s bank accounts therefore minimizing transaction costs.

Our Vision

An Institute of excellence in economic and financial management for a globally competitive County

Our Vision

To create an enabling environment for accelerated & sustained economic growth through pursuit of prudent economic, fiscal and monitoring policies and coordination of County Government financial operations.

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