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dr david nkedianye with senator peter mositet and parliamentary lands commitee chair alex muiru when they toured ngong veterinary land.

Dr David Nkedianye with senator Peter Mositet and Parliamentary Lands Commitee chair Alex Muiru when they toured Ngong Veterinary Land.

The National parliament select committee on lands has suspended development of two prime public parcels of land estimated to thousands of acres in Kajiado North and East. The vast lands are now said to have been grabbed by illegal developers.

The two lands in question including Ngong Veterinary land measuring 1,400 acres and Kitengela Sheep and goats land holding measuring approximately 10,000 acres will not be developed awaiting the parliamentary report.

The said two pieces of land have elicited a tug of war between the local Maasai community and individuals who have been subdividing the parts of the communal land, given out to government, into plots with mushrooming private projects which have been termed illegal.

Led by the National parliament land Committee chairman, Alex Muiru, the team have called on those who have encroached into the said lands to stop their activities immediately.

“We are here to tell those who might have been duped to buy the public land that it is important they stop any activity until their fate on the said public lands are determined,” said honourable Muiru. He termed the locals grievances genuine and overboard, calling for thorough investigations.

Kajiado county governor Dr. David Nkedianye say the land grabbing has been a thorny issue in the county vowing his administration shall not condone any land grabbing upon warning the grabbers.

“Land grabbers have taken the county by a storm to disinherit the natives their ancestral lands. Over the years the maa community has been subjected to historical injustice that the parliament select committee should be able to unearth the problem,” said Dr. Nkedianye.

The Ngong veterinary land was registered in 1959 and the community gave the land to the ministry of livestock, veterinary department for breeding of livestock and vet doctors training.

Locals claim the initial purpose was diverted and a section of the land has been hived off.

It’s alleged a private abattoir illegally acquired 12 acres,Police dog unit got 142 acres. Others include Meteorological Department, East African Sports Club anda five star hotel is coming up on the same piece of land. According to Ngong land registrar a dumping site was set aside in the area but it has since been grabbed.

Currently the veterinary department occupies only 941 acres according to available records.Keekonyokie maasai have thrown the caution demanding their land back.

Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda said the maa community has been oppressed and the government should come to aid of the community.


“We are saying enough is enough and the maa community shall not be subjected to intimidation to give up their ancestral land,” saysHonourableSakuda.

The same sentiments were echoed by Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje and MCAs who attended the Ngong meeting in solidarity with the locals.

Another tussle involve infamous sheep and goat land inKitengela in a similar incident the land was given out by maasaiKaputiei community for livestock breeding under Kenya meat commission but the project collapsed after years of operation. The land has been in the centre of conflict with land grabbers attempting their hand on it. The land was recently at the centre of cemetery scandal

After the community petition the parliament select committee on land, the committee visited the lands and collected view from locals. The committee’s chair Alex Muiru cited irregularities on allocation of the land pushing it to suspend all developments and the title deeds to be placed under caveat until the committee releases their report in the next 60 days.


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Kajiado County Government in cooperation with orange Telkom Kenya has unveiled the orange 3G network in a function held in orange offices Kajiado town.

The network is aimed at boosting communication in the county and to initiate free flow of information around the town

According to county ICT officer Edward lantei, the upgrading of the orange 3G network  in the area will fasten communication and there will be continuous  flow of information which was not there before
“ We are grateful to Telkom orange network for upgrading their 2G network  to 3G which will make information flow fast “ said Edward.

He added that the area suffer a lot of network failures which has affected most county government activities.

Speaking during the launch of the orange 3G network in Kajiado town, orange territory sale manger George Bosire said that the 3G network is different from the 2G because it’s fast.

“The advantages of the 3G network are that it’s fast than the previous network 2G network and it will enhance availability of information all around the county and wananchi will be able to get access to information faster” said bosire

Kajiado town is just one of the few towns that will have the 3G network in the county after towns like Namanga and  oloitokitok that already have 3G network.

The network is welcomed to the area given the suffering the residents and civil servants in the county undergo due to network failure. Areas around the  hospitals and county offices will benefit from the 3G network.


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The County  Government through the  ministry  of  Health  held  an exclusive  breakfast  meeting with  the County  Coordinator  for  Malteser International Mrs. Jane Njogu to mark  the  end  of  their  over  two years program on  Tuberculosis in  the County where  she  issued   a certificate  of  appreciation to  the  department.

“Maltese International  has  helped the  Ministry of  Health  to  improve  the a  huge  number  of  Tuberculosis  cases  through  A Community Based Organization(CBO) in Kajiado Central  as well as  other  Community units  in  Kajiado  South  Sub  County ,of  which  it  has  really changed  many, whereby through  the initiative Kajiado South  registered an  increase in  case  notification rate  from 301 in  the year 2013 up  to 400 in  the  year 2014.”Said Solonka Ole Pilipili,(The County  Tb and  Leprosy Coordinator)

Mr  Pilipili also  added  that treatment interrupters  were brought  back  to  treatment both  in  Kajiado Central  and  Kajiado  South. He also  added  that presumptive  cases for  TB were  referred by CHVs  increased.

Mean  while   as  the TB program  is  expected to  end  by  30th July 2015,The Malteser International  has  already  submitted a new application  letter on TB  for  the  forgotten groups, especially  those  that  have  not  been able  to  access services by  virtue  of  their  locality (in  accessible) and  once  the program  is  renewed, it’s  likely  to move  to Kajiado West Constituency, though  will  be communicated.


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Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati( in tie),His P.A Lankeu Sentero and Nkaimurunya MCA John Wanyoike visiting Nkaimurunya fire victims.

Deputy Governor Paul Ntiati and Nkaimurunya MCA John Wanyoike visiting Nkaimurunya fire victims.

The County Government through the emergency fund has come in aid of Nkaimurunya fire victims by providing basic amenities.

The fire incident occurred Friday 3rd July, burning down a plot consisting of 8 residential houses. According to a resident Dancan Kabasa the fire was as a result of an electric fault which destroyed property but no deaths or major injuries reported.

A 4 month old baby who was locked up in the house at the time of the incidents is said to be recuperating from inhaling a lot of smoke. The mother Millicent Nyanchama said she had left to fetch vegetables from a kiosk just to return and find her house on fire and her baby chocking in smoke.

The county Government through the emergency fund has provided basic amenities to help the victims get on their feet. The committee provided 14 blankets, 14 mattresses, 3 bales maize flour, 35 Kgs Rice, 28Kg beans and 28Lts Oil all at a cost of Ksh 95,000.

Speaking to the Victims the Deputy Governor Paul Ole Ntiati expresses is sympathy to the victims and requested the victims to accept the much they could provide as the fund is limited by law. The Deputy also said the committee will also cater for checkups of the 4 months old baby.

The victims further requested that the county considers fire fighting equipments as a matter of urgency.

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The County Government through the  Ministry  of Lands, Environment, Housing  and  Natural  resources  has embark  on  a  plan to  shut  down   a  number  of  Factories   in  Kitengela  which  are causing  pollution. Addressing  hundreds  of    small  and  Large scale  businessmen stake  holders    Kitengela  yesterday, Land  and  Environment CECM Hon Ali Letura, said  that. he  has   been  receiving  a  large  number  of   complains  about some  factories which  are  causing  a  horrible  pollution  within  Kitengela adding  that  his  ministry  will soon inspect and   shut  down  those  factories  which  are  not  following  the   rules.

“ I  have  been  receiving   a  number  of  Complains  about  these Industries  which are  causing  horrible pollutions in  this  town. and  will  inspect  them  and  find  out  if  they  have the  basic requirements to  run  them, and  any factory  found    with  an illegal  license  or   not  following rules, we  will  automatically  shut  them  down. Among  the   big  factories  we  are  targeting  include   Flamingo Company, Prime  Still industry  among  others, and  we  don’t  care  about  how   much  they  pay  revenue  to  us  as  the  county government, our  major  concern  here  is the safety of  our environment  to  our  people. we  want  our  people  to  remain  healthy  and  active  throughout  their  life. “said Hon Letura.

Meanwhile on the other hand, Mr.  Letura  also warned  those   people  with  lorries  who  carry garbage  from  mlolongo  to  Kitengela   to  stop  or  else   face  criminal charges. he  as  well added  that, all  the  environmental  mandates are  now  under  the  county government  and  not  National Environmental Management  Authority (NEMA) as  previously  used  to  be,therefor   as  the  County Government  we  will  ensure  that  our  environment remains  clean  and  decent. He  as  well urged  the   Public  Health  officer  to  cooperate  with his  ministry  and  make  sure  that    those  whose  who don’t  abide   with  the  laws  to  be  arrested and  charged.

During  The  meeting   four  groups Committee  were  formed  to  oversee and  brainstorm   strategies on the  way  forward  on  the  Environmental  issues. The groups includes: Pollution, Smoke emission and Waste management team. They will be meeting every week.

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Gender officer  Mrs Esther addressing  wananchi  recently during  the  Gender  main streaming  policy  at  Kitengela

Gender officer Mrs Esther addressing wananchi recently during the Gender main streaming policy at Kitengela

The County Government through the Ministry of ICT, Gender and Culture yesterday has conducted an exclusive Gender mainstreaming policy validation program at Sandal wood Hotel Kitengela.
Addressing wanainchi Gender manager Mrs. Esther shena said that The Gender mainstreaming policy is a guideline to ensure that The County has plans, processes and procedures in gender mainstreaming.”This is a guideline to ensure that we have plans, procedures in the County Government, it is also important to know that when the government is working on various plans, they will be considering gender balance issue, persons with disabilities among others. “said Esther Shena.
Meanwhile she also added that The County Government through the Ministry of ICT &Gender has set aside some fund for the Youth and Women Empowerment initiatives where for a start it was ksh 100million and now what we are now waiting is just this Policy to go through, and once it is approved, we will be ready to go, and by then we will be able to know the number of both youth and Women groups to qualify plus the rates charged and grace period. This was an initiative of His Excellency The Governor,Dr Nkedienye.”Said Mrs Shena
On the Other side Outgoing County Executive for Information /Communication ,Gender. And Citizen Participation Honorable Gladys marima has expressed the various challenges surrounding the Gender of which she said that, The Gender mainstreaming issue might be a bit complicated to the common mwanainchi ,but it is all about giving gender issue a platform to be addressed to all Counties. I know it is so hard for the common mwanainchi to understand this, “This Gender mainstreaming might be a little bit complicated to the Common mwanainchi, but it is all about Giving Gender issues a platform to be addressed to all Counties “said Honorable Marima

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MCA's  Posing  for  a  photo  with  The Finance and  Economic Planning Honorable Keswe Mapena  yesterday  evening  before  reading  the  Financial  year  financial statement.

MCA’s Posing for a photo with The Finance and Economic Planning Honorable Keswe Mapena yesterday evening before reading the financial year2015/2016 budget.

The County Government of Kajiado today has approved a 6.5 billion shillings budget presented by the Executive for the 2015/2016 financial year.
The County government projected equitable a budget comprising of own revenue of 1 billion and a 4.4 billion equitable share from the National treasury.
The Executive committee member for finance and Economic planning Honorable Keswe Mapena arrived at the county assembly headquarters at 5pm and read the budget and surprisingly was endorsed without any amendments.
A surprised Mapena was cheered by MCA’s throughout the entire time he was reading the financial statement and on being through ,the County law makers approved it in its entirely.
The MCA’s however pulled a surprised moved when they passed a vote all the 21 pages of the budget statement must be signed before being forwarded to the County Governor to assent it into law.
Meanwhile The Budget and appropriation Committee chairman Honorable Henry Kimiti and Deputy speaker Honorable George Sunkuyia said the house decided to give the executive all the money it had asked for but with clear pointers that the assembly will monitor it’s expenditure.

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Governor  Nkedienye laying  a  stone  for  the Construction  of  A  health Theatre  in  Nkaimurunya ,Ong'ata Rongai Health Centre.

Governor Nkedienye laying a foundation stone for the Construction of a health theatre in Nkaimurunya ,Ong’ata Rongai Health Centre.

The Governor of Kajiado County H.E Dr David Nkedianye has commissioned two projects which include the opening of the maternity ward and the constructing of a theatre at ongata rongai health centre at Nkaimurunya Ward
Addressing the residents during the event at the hospital which was founded in 1992 and also named after the late area Prof. George Saitoti, the governor argued the residents to support devolution because they will get several services through it.
“ wananchi lets support devolution because you will get several services that the national government would not give you. today we have open the maternity ward and the construction of the theatre is in progress as you can see, we want to make this hospital the best” said the governor
The cabinet secretary for health Hon. Gladys marima on her part added that the hospital will be renovated
“We will renovate the hospital to make it give the best services to wananchi. The maternity is finished and we have allocated 10million to put up beds for mothers, for their kids and all type of operations will be done here “said mrs marima.

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Governor  Dr  Nkedienye with his  Deputy Governor Honorable  Paul Ole  Ntiati  laying  a  stone for  the  Construction  of  the Social Hall at Kware In Ong'ata Rongai.

Governor Dr Nkedienye with his Deputy Governor Honorable Paul Ole Ntiati laying a foundation stone for the Construction of the Social Hall at Kware In Ong’ata Rongai.

The Governor of Kajiado County, H.E Dr David Nkedianye launched the construction of kware social hall at Nkaimurunya ward in ongata rongai.
Speaking during the laying of the stone the governor told residents on the importance of the hall
“This hall is meant to help you residents have your meetings in a good place without disturbance and you also get a place to come and relax” said the governor.
Others present were the Deputy Governor Hon Paul Ntiati, CECM incharge of Education and social services Richard Parsitau, his Chief Officer James Sankale and the area MCA .

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handing of the cheque to the ministry of education

H.E The Governor Dr Davind Nkedianye handing of the cheque to the ministry of education when he launched the second phase of bursary worth 65 million at the county headquarters.

The Governor of Kajiado County H.E Dr. David Nkedianye yesterday launched the second phase of bursary allocation to students from the county in university, colleges and secondary schools.
The bursary which totals up to 65 million was given to 7,038 students from the county and was distributed as follows; 15 million for universities, 10 million for colleges and 40 million for secondary schools. each student receiving ksh 10,000.
Speaking during the handing of the cheque to the ministry of education, the governor argued the teachers and parents to ensure they lift the level of education in the county
“We want to follow up the rate of enrollment in our schools all over the county and follow up the performance of the students in the county. We want people to study well and come and help this county”
On indiscipline cases, the head of the county added that it is paramount
“We have seen several cases of indiscipline cases in our schools, students burning buildings in school. That is very bad. We want our students to be responsible people and learn to negotiate with their teachers, and if they don’t agree let them go home. We will not built schools to be burnt by irresponsible students “ said the governor.
Also present were the deputy governor, county executive incharge of education and other county officials.

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