07 Sep
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The county government of Kajiado led by first lady H.E Edna Lenku  has launched an E-App for solid waste collection, papers,batteries and Electronics for Taka Taka Ni Mali at St.Monica Catholic Church,Kitengela .

She was accompanied by Dr. James Sankale -Chief Officer Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change,James Larmoi -Deputy Director Taka Ni Mali and other county officials.

This will run an environmentally friendly operation which will change the livelihoods and improve the environment.


Our transformation to change our waste to wealth is bearing fruits through the Hub and other counties are bench-marking with us.

We urge everyone to participate and partner with us to make our environment clean.


Grateful to our  partners led by Catholic Church, UNDP,Takataka Solutions and  Wee Center for better,safe  and suitable  environment.

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01 Sep
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The impending transformation of Kajiado town whose roads are being tarmacked by the County Government of Kajiado and the National Government will significantly alter the skyline of the County Headquarters.
Hon.Joseph Ole Lenku; Governor Kajiado County inspected the roadworks in the town that will connect key estates to the Central Business District( CBD) and then to the Nairobi-Namanga Highway.
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27 Aug
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The County Government of Kajiado through its department of Agriculture and its Partners who are a Government Agency was delighted to have flagged off nine motorcycles at the county demonstration farm in Kajiado town to ease agricultural extension services in various wards of Rombo,Entonet Lenkisim,Kimana,Matapato South and North,Ildamat,Ngong,Magadi and kekoonyokie.

Four of the motorcycles have been provided to the County Government Department of Agriculture by Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP)which is a government of Kenya project jointly supported by the World bank.

Another five of the motorcycles were provided by Kenya Agricultural market Information System(KAMIS) which is a set of integrated coordinated processes and tools to collect and deliver agricultural and livestock market information and services to help guide farmers,traders,processors, government agencies amongst others that may benefit from current market data.

At the same time the county also received tablets and weighing scales from KAMIS that shall be used in the county bigs markets of Loitokitok ,Ilbissil,Kajiado,Ngong,Kiserian and Kitengela .

Spearheading the occasion was the Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho who said this will go a long way in gathering and availing important data to farmers and traders.

The Deputy Governor noted that the move is a great step towards the realization of effective service delivery to our farmers and placing them at an advantageous positions for market price of commodities across the County, market opportunities, tracking data of the volumes of supplied commodities in various markets and traded volumes at border points.

The information will further help the County government in making legislation, regulations and policies with regard to Agricultural marketing activities.

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18 Aug
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Kajiado County First Lady Edna Lenku in the company of H.E the Governor and other County First ladies have officially commissioned The Kajiado County Empower Cancer Clinic at The County Referral.

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14 Aug
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The County Government of Kajiado wishes to inform you that we have enough vaccines in Kajiado County and the following are our vaccination sites:

Kajiado County Referral Hospital.

Oloitokitok Sub-county Hospital.

Kitengela Sub-county Hospital.

Ngong Sub-county Hospital.

Ongata Rongai Sub-county Hospital.

Magadi Company Hospital.

Namanga Health Center.

Ilbisil Health Center.

Mashuru Health Center.

Oltepesi Dispensary.

All vaccination sites are opened from 8am to 3pm. We are giving out 1st doses to all eligible groups and 2nd doses to those who received first dose previously.

FAQ: Which vaccine is being given?

We are giving out the AstraZeneca vaccine two doses, given 12 weeks apart.

FAQ: Vaccination time:

Vaccination will take place from 8a.m till 3pm

FAQ: Who can get the vaccine?

Front line health care providers to include both technical and non-technical health care providers, Critical services: Disciplined forces to include Military, Prison and police officers, Teaching and non-teaching staff from schools,

persons above 18 years with comorbidities (Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS and all forms of cancers) and Religious leaders.

All above 58 years of age.

FAQ: How much is the vaccine?

The vaccine is free to everyone.

FAQ: Where can i get my vaccination certificate?

Register and login to to get the vaccination certificate and to know your next vaccination date.

You can Register and login in your details on before you get to the vaccination site.

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15 Jul
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Having considered the job losses and economic struggles being experienced by traders in the Bars and Restaurants sector, Governor Joseph Ole Lenku has announced a raft of changes that include waivers and increase in operational hours.

He has DIRECTED that;

(i) A 50 per cent waiver be effected of all the licenses payable to the Kajiado County Alcoholic Drinks Control by bars and restaurants for 2021/22 Financial Year

(ii) All the application fees payable to the County Alcoholic Drinks Control Board be suspended for the 2021/22 Financial Year.

(iii) Licences falling under the same department be harmonized and merged for ease of payment and administration.

(iv) The Kajiado County Alcoholic Drinks Control Act (2014), be amended to provide for board membership to include representatives of Bar and Restaurant Owners from each of the Sub Counties.

(V) Bars and Restaurants operate for two hours earlier within their respective working hours.

He said the move is meant to assist the business community in the Food and Entertainment Industry in their recovery process from the COVID 19 pandemic.

He added that it will also help them to retain their current staff and recall those who may have lost their jobs.

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14 Jul
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Our economic empowerment programmes in the rural areas continue to transform livelihoods at the grassroots.

Our partners continue to work closely with us in our effort to improve food security and safeguard the livelihoods of our people.

Together with the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Programme, H.E the Governor has supported households and women groups in Magadi Ward with Sahiwal steers and heifers, dairy and meat goats, indigenous chicken, honey extractors, baling machines, spraying equipment, among other equipment.

H.E the Governor added that he is delighted to see the local communities adopt alternative sources of livelihoods.

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14 Jul
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H.E the Governor  launched the issuance of the land documents which now enables the residents to develop the plots.

Residents of Mosiro, one of the marginalized areas in Maasailand, can now seek commercial loans using plots at Oldorko town.

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04 Jun
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Expansion of the road network and opening up of highly populous estates in Kajiado North forms one of the items in Governor Lenku’s administration’s Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) programme.

To respond to the need for easy access of our shopping centres, H.E the Governor today launched the tarmacking of three roads in Kajiado North.

In Ongata Rongai, we are tarmacking the Cleanshelf ~ AIC~Saitoti Hospital~Nakeel ~Primary School Road; In Oloolua Ward, we are tarmacking the Juanco~ Ole Polos road while in Kiserian town, we are tarmacking the ring road around the new market which is under construction.

During the tour H.E the Governor assured Kajiado North residents that his list of priorities as promised is being addressed and soon the fruits of his commitment to change the landscape of this Sub County will be there for all to see.

Kiserian Market will soon be completed and host about 1,500 traders. H.E the Governor also launched the construction of a tarmac road around the market to make trading activities easier and attractive to motorists.

The market will be ready for occupation by August this year.

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03 May
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Notice to all liquor business operators’ advice to apply for renewal of license consideration for financial year 2021/2022. (NEW OUTLET’S SHOULD NOT APPLY)

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