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14 Nov
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What is Universal Health Coverage?

Universal Health Coverage means that all people have access to needed preventive, curative, rehabilitative health services and health promotional services, of sufficient quality to be effective, while also ensuring that people do not suffer financial hardship when paying for these services.

The County Government of Kajiado through the Department of Medical Services, Public Health and Sanitation in its goal towards accelerating achievement to access of universal Health Coverage (UHC) which is a Basic Human Right as well as one of the Big Four Agenda, up scaled NHIF registration drive so as to cover its residents under NHIF.

As a component of UHC in H.E the President’s Big 4 Agenda as well as H.E the Governor’s Health Agenda for Kajiado County, NHIF registration drive was launched in May 2018 and Mbuzi Moja Afya Bora Auction was done. The County has, through various initiatives continued to increase and advocate for NHIF cover for all its residents.

What is Mbuzi Moja Afya Bora?

Mbuzi Moja Afya Bora is an initiative by The County Government of Kajiado, Department of Medical Services, Public Health and Sanitation, working collaboratively with NHIF, in a bid to achieve maximum possible health insurance cover for households within the county.

Estimating the cost of insurance as Kshs. 500 per month, yearly cover would add up to Kshs 6000 – the estimated market valuation of a goat. Hence one goat’s value is equated to the annual coverage cost. This initiative provides its beneficiaries with a readily available alternative to affording health insurance. In this sense, registration into the program or renewal of registration will be done at an exchange of a goat.

Why Mbuzi Moja?

Kajiado county is the home to the Maasai community and their main economic activity is nomadic pastoralism. Therefore, goats as a unit of payment is more convenient to our beneficiaries since the goats are locally available and are also a source of income.

Who is viable to register?

Mbuzi Moja Afya Bora follows a select criterion for registration support,

Persons viable for registration are;

  • Poor Widows with children and poor child headed households
  • Unemployed and whose income is less than 12,000/- annually.
  • Children of imprisoned parents.
  • Poor People living with HIV/AIDS
  • Persons willing to participate in NHIF/County UHC. Documentaries and registration promotions
  • Pastoralists with less than 10 goats and 5 cows.
  • Incapacitated
  • Terminally/Chronically ill



How do I renew my registration?

In line with the NHIF annual registration renewal, Mbuzi Moja Afya bora also requires of its members to renew their membership. Failure to which, coverage benefits are suspended until renewal.

Registered members are required to submit their mode of payment in order to renew with an option of a goat (as done during their first registration), or other alternative payments.