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01 Aug
By: CGK 0


The Kajiado South Farmers Expo took place at the D.O’s grounds in Rombo. The EXPO brought together farmers from all the Five Wards of Kajiado South(Imbirrikani,Kimana,Lenkisim,Kuku and Rombo)

The Expo was officiated by Martin Moshisho Kajiado DG,CEC for Agriculture,Livestock,Fisheries and Veterinary Service Jackline Koin and Rombo Ward MCA Hon Lengete.

The Farmers came in their thousands thirsty for new knowledge. The farmers were subjected to new information by over 30 exhibitors ranging from Agro Chemical ,Agro-Business consultants, Irrigation companies, Dairy experts, Modern Kitchen equipment’s to Seed and livestock experts and research firms.

The Exhibitions were designed such that each exhibitor had a 100 seats tent .Farmers upon registration were put into groups and would take seats in each exhibition for a 20 minutes class before they move into another exhibition. During each class, farmers would be given an opportunity to ask questions on whatever challenge they are facing on specific farming applications and given instant solutions without referral.

Farmers came into contact with experts from the private sector and government Agencies like Karlo,Kephis,Simlow Seeds,Ensda among others.

Farmers were taught on the dynamics of crop rotation, Soil science, application of chemicals, irrigation methods, quality of seeds and value additional on both crop and livestock produce.

During the Expo all farm products by the various exhibitors were sold at a subsidized rate.

The Kajiado South Farmer was not the same in the evening as they came in the Morning!