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27 Apr
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Kajiado referral hospital benefited after they received equipment worth 2.8 million,

CECM for health Gladys Marima lauded the support from Sightsaver with Amref  to

ensure the community are well taken care off in conjunction with the county


Speaking during the handover of the equipment the Minister said the given

equipment by sightsaver through Amref will help the team to do eye examination this

include eye glasses for people who have a problem with sighting. She added that the

clinic has been supported by Sightsaver through Amref, they went a long way to

reduce the amount of money the government would have put in. The CECM lauded

the training offered by Amref to the staff as one of the ways to cut cost for the

government.  “We have been supported by the sightsaver through Amref to the

government, they went along way to reduce the amount we would have put in as a

government.” Marima said.


Moris Odur the project Manager with sightsaver lauded the step of offering the

equipment as one of their vision being implement by reaching the community. Amref

in collaboration with the county government has reached many people in the

community for treatment since it was received in kajiado .Frances Dikir the project

manager for trachoma in Amref Organization said sightsaver has been so supportive

in addressing issues of eye care in the county and beyond, adding that it is a life

change that will impact positively not only to the organization but also to the partners

but really to the ultimate community.

“We have been working closely with sightsaver as they coordinate projects we

implement through the ministry of health to reach the needy communities.” Said Dikir

Dikir urged kajiado residents not to go for further medication because they have

enough equipments and trained doctors to help them in treatment.

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Health minister Gladys Marima receives equipments worth 2.8 million from Sightsaver in kajido to boost the facility in serving the community, looking on are AMREF AND SIGHTSAVER OFFICIALS