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23 Mar
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Huge sum of food donated to Kajiado residents from Qatar government

It is relief for Kajiado residents as Qatar government donated food to several families in Kajiado County.

Speaking during the donation, the county boss Dr. David Nkedianye lauded the Qatar government for the donation as the county has been heated much by drought.

“We are grateful to Qatar government for their generosity since over 300 families will benefit and when they share over 1000 families will benefit from this food.” Said Nkedianye

The governor further noted that most of the women are vulnerable while others are single mothers, widows and people heated by drought.

Hon. Abdallah Allah Alabdalah from Qatar Embassy promised for more engagement from his government to Kajiado County.

A local resident, Agnes Nkongu from Namunyak support group praised the county government in conjunction with Qatar government for the support they offered during this drought period.

The deputy governor was present among other county officials.

H.E the governor issuing out donated food to the residents